Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Dream Embroidery Machines

Since launching our indiegogo project,  folks have asked us, "What is our dream embroidery machine?"

Well, this was a quest in itself. Embroidery is so popular that you can actual find machines ranging from $500 to $12,000 dollars! Obviously, the lower end $500 machine would not satisfy the needs of a trained seamstress (like myself). This machine would benefit the entry level crafter that wants to experiment with sewing and embroidery.

The 6-needle embroidery machine.

My eyes are on the second level industrial embroidery machine (above image). This is a 6-needle embroidery machine and would be fantastic; advance hoop setting (specializing for hats), 1000 stitch per minute - the works. This machine is made for production. But it does not sew. The price is in the 5-digits.

I swear by my 1967 Singer Fashion Mate sewing machine. Since working with my Pfaff serger, I have found a new love for the Pfaff brand. So, for half of the price of the 6-needle machine, I can have a fantastic sewing and embroidery machine. Bear in mind, this is NOT industrial machine. It would take me more time for production. Pfaff stands for high quality, I would still be able to produce a high quality product at a longer time.

Having said that, I would be HAPPY with either machine. Of course, these machines will not produce a custom logo, so I will have to purchase a special embroidery software. And, then we will be ready for custom embroidered cycling caps!


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