Saturday, 30 March 2013

Our Cycling Caps Are Versatile Off the Bike, Too!

We just love it how our happy customers
show different ways to use our cycling caps.
courtesy:  Rob from Toronto

We hope everyone is having the chance to enjoy and relax this fine Easter long weekend.

Carolle and I know how important it is to combine our famous cycling caps with one of our favorite recreational activities.

We know our cycling caps are made to be versatile on and off the bike.

Thanks to Rob for sharing this photo of his Capello Nero Rosso cycling cap and his favorite cold one!

Friday, 29 March 2013

TGIGood Friday: Jukeboxprint & indiegogo update


Yesterday, we picked up from jukeboxprint (Gastown Vancouver) our new 1000 business/hang tags!

It was long overdue. We designed and had them printed by Jukeboxprint. Usually, we wouldn't go for a high glossy finished card. For this design - it just works!

We are very impressed by the packaging and ...what 1000 cards look like.

Our indiegogo project update:

It's been an emotional roller coaster ride. From the time we launched the project, we never felt ready but we decided to launch our project with some fear and trepidation. Hard to perceive how people will react. We believe it's a solid idea to help our client's to have an even better product.

Crowdfunding is big deal around the world and also here in Canada. There is a National Crowdfunding Association of Canada.

After we launched our campaign we did some researched. It is interesting that it is a multi-billion dollar industry - almost 1.5 billion dollars was raised through Crowd Funding Platforms in 2011 with over 50% raised in N. America.

We feel that it's a natural progression of Social Media (communicating to one another), to go on a platform, reveal yourself, tell your story and raise funds for something we believe in.

It's great to part of this and like the adage... just to go for it!

So, go ahead and contribute to our project to offer the best embroidered cycling caps. There is no small amount. Remember we only need only $10.00 dollars from 1500 people to achieve our goal!

Thank You!

Carolle & Richard

Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Dream Embroidery Machines

Since launching our indiegogo project,  folks have asked us, "What is our dream embroidery machine?"

Well, this was a quest in itself. Embroidery is so popular that you can actual find machines ranging from $500 to $12,000 dollars! Obviously, the lower end $500 machine would not satisfy the needs of a trained seamstress (like myself). This machine would benefit the entry level crafter that wants to experiment with sewing and embroidery.

The 6-needle embroidery machine.

My eyes are on the second level industrial embroidery machine (above image). This is a 6-needle embroidery machine and would be fantastic; advance hoop setting (specializing for hats), 1000 stitch per minute - the works. This machine is made for production. But it does not sew. The price is in the 5-digits.

I swear by my 1967 Singer Fashion Mate sewing machine. Since working with my Pfaff serger, I have found a new love for the Pfaff brand. So, for half of the price of the 6-needle machine, I can have a fantastic sewing and embroidery machine. Bear in mind, this is NOT industrial machine. It would take me more time for production. Pfaff stands for high quality, I would still be able to produce a high quality product at a longer time.

Having said that, I would be HAPPY with either machine. Of course, these machines will not produce a custom logo, so I will have to purchase a special embroidery software. And, then we will be ready for custom embroidered cycling caps!


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shared LOVE!

It's so cool and wonderful.

After a few days since introducing our embroidered cycling cap project the response has been very supportive from many good folks.

It means the world to us that people believe in our campaign and are willing to help us achieve our dream.

What can $10 dollars mean in daily life? A quick lunch, a pint of beer, coffee and something sweet? So, we figure if 1500 folks would be excited in our project and willing to give just $10 dollars then we can reach our goal. This would change our lives forever. And, in addition of the new equipment would help grow our business so we can expand our studio.

Thank you for helping us fulfill our dream!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Project Embroidered Cycling Caps via indiegogo

We have looked high and low on how we can move our embroidery project forward.

Our customers have been begging us, for a little while now, to include embroidery on our cycling caps. This is something we wanted to do for a long time. But, the reality is the equipment is specialize and expensive. Our attempt to work with an embroidery company has not been successful. So, our best solution is to get the embroidery machine and really push embroidery where no embroidery has gone before!

After reading on different crowd funding platforms, the best option for us is indiegogo.

From the first idea of knowing that we wanted to launch this campaign it's amounted to days of writing, re-writing, shooting a video, editing that... It's everything we do not normally do and pushes us to go further outside of our comfort zone.

So, here it is, our campaign and we are proud of it... Please go ahead and spread the word to your friends, family, business associates, the more visibility we have the faster we can achieve our goal!

Thanks to indiegogo for the opportunity to live our dream and Thank You to everyone for considering our project...


Friday, 15 March 2013

TGIF: New Size Labels, maillot á pois rouges & Mountain Air

We are thank full for this...

As you may know, we have labels on our caps that we make ourselves. It was a printed label applied to the under brim. Now, it was not the best solution. Once the label was removed you would not know of the size of the cap.

In order for our caps to look more professional, we decided it was time to have a professional woven size label that we sew direct and stays permanently on the cap. It's practical, high quality and looks more polished!

Our new cycling cap label.

Johann Tschopp of IAM Cycling won the KOM's jersey in Paris-Nice.

Enjoy your Friday!
via castelli-cycling

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Flemish Winter Cap: All Sizes In Stock!

Photo: Red Dots Cycling

We are happy to announce full sizing for our Flemish Wool Winter Cap.

Sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large... available while quantities last!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Piccolo Pouch: Peace Out

Peace out
photos: Red Dots Cycling

Our piccolo pouch is what we consider an important piece of kit.

If not for the flashy and fun inside fabrics it's a strong little pouch to keep your valuables safe.

Before I go for a ride I make sure I have my essentials; cell phone, ID, coffee money, tools and bandages (you never  know). It's durable and water repellent made from recycled bike rubber inner tubes. We made it not bulky and fits in the palm of your hand for easy access into your rear jersey pocket. The natural grippiness of rubber helps keep it firm, safe in the back of your cycling jersey pocket.

Our pouches are one-of-a-kind, we like to keep it this way so you can have the only unique design.

We just posted the Peace and Love Piccolo Pouch and is now available.

 Handy and it fits in the palm of your hand!

Friday, 8 March 2013

TGIF: Label Crazy & Hats Off To Us

Our Tempo Cycling Cap made this Treasury... Hats Off To You, Thanks!

Now that we have solved our cycling cap labels we are happy to say that our hang tag design is also resolved.

We are ready to send the design to the printer and once we receive them we will post it. It's a busy time for labels and we are awaiting shipment of a new set of labels in the mail.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Introducing Our New Cycling Cap Label

photo: Red Dots Cycling

As our little company is expanding we are always looking for ways to improve on how we are making our products.

Introducing our new cycling cap label!

We researched endlessly from different hang tags, woven labels and direct heat press inside the garment. Our first choice was a woven label. The problem is the quantity to order. Our products are different and we only make small runs so we don't want to be stuck with thousands of labels. Embroidered labels would be nice but for us it's important to have 20-100 labels we can change and custom to each product.

What is important for us to include on our label is the name of the product, fabric content and how to care for it.

A big order for a small label!

After many trials, we figured the best for us is inkjet printing on fabric. This is a popular technique used among quilters. A positive is this allows us to have 100% control of what we want on the label and make as many as we require. We tested the new labels and they are totally color safe, they will not fade or shrink. This looks like a winner for us.

With sadness, we will let go of our recycled rubber labels on our caps. Sometimes, in order to go forward one has to let go of the old ways of doing things...

Onward and upwards!

Friday, 1 March 2013

TGIF: Labels and Red Bean Buns

We are in the final stages of designing a new label for our cycling caps.

Carolle is busy fine tuning and testing the design in the computer and it's looking damn good. Our little rubber label does not cut it anymore and we decided to pursue a better option to label our cycling caps. Brand identity is important.

We have tried different options and recently discovered a new method. So far, the inkjet direct printing on fabric is the best by far. The major problem is we have many differently named cycling caps and it's costly to have all the labels made. There's too many variables for each cap; content and name. So, we will present the winner... on a upcoming post!

Now for something extremely delicious...

Carolle has been making red bean buns and this time she nailed it down. I grew up eating them and Carolle attempted making the delicacies. She loves to make it from scratch, red beans into paste and dough.

I'm proud of her, nowhere near any Quebecois dish!