Friday, 29 March 2013

TGIGood Friday: Jukeboxprint & indiegogo update


Yesterday, we picked up from jukeboxprint (Gastown Vancouver) our new 1000 business/hang tags!

It was long overdue. We designed and had them printed by Jukeboxprint. Usually, we wouldn't go for a high glossy finished card. For this design - it just works!

We are very impressed by the packaging and ...what 1000 cards look like.

Our indiegogo project update:

It's been an emotional roller coaster ride. From the time we launched the project, we never felt ready but we decided to launch our project with some fear and trepidation. Hard to perceive how people will react. We believe it's a solid idea to help our client's to have an even better product.

Crowdfunding is big deal around the world and also here in Canada. There is a National Crowdfunding Association of Canada.

After we launched our campaign we did some researched. It is interesting that it is a multi-billion dollar industry - almost 1.5 billion dollars was raised through Crowd Funding Platforms in 2011 with over 50% raised in N. America.

We feel that it's a natural progression of Social Media (communicating to one another), to go on a platform, reveal yourself, tell your story and raise funds for something we believe in.

It's great to part of this and like the adage... just to go for it!

So, go ahead and contribute to our project to offer the best embroidered cycling caps. There is no small amount. Remember we only need only $10.00 dollars from 1500 people to achieve our goal!

Thank You!

Carolle & Richard

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