Friday, 25 September 2015

TGIF: Working, watching world road race championships & multi buy orders

photo Red Dots Cycling


The World Road Race Championships are on and we are watching the exciting action. We are in our most busy season producing custom orders, new winter caps and replenishing our existing online stock. I'm happily working (see image above) and watching the U23 Men's road race... a fun relationship!

Just a pleasant reminder to our online clients...

Thinking of multi buy orders! (Order more than one cap at same time) You will pay shipping on your first item only. Every cap following is free shipping on us!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Ready for Winter: New North Star, Scottish & Le Domestique winter caps!

(l to r): North Star, Scottish & Le Domestique.
photo Red Dots Cycling

Winter's fast approaching here in North America. And, in preparation for the cooler temps, we are proud to introduce our new winter caps: North Star, Scottish & Le Domestique!

All three winter caps are made from 100% wool. The North Star is made from 100% Italian wool. All three caps available from our shop in both sizes: S/M & M/L.

This is our first series and we have our second series of winter caps due in about 1-2 weeks time.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

La Fabrica Girona: Our connection has never been closer.

Words to live by...
'Life is too short for Bad Coffee.'
via @LaFabricaGirona

La Fabrica Girona Spain is far away from Vancouver. In a way, our connection has never been closer.

Both cities share the love for the bicycle, that's where it stops. The cycling culture is deeply rooted in Spain, made famous by the many pro cyclists that live there. Now, two expats are helping bring coffee culture to Girona... Amber and Christian Meier.

They are a popular couple and have numerous articles written on their unique business. Christian is a pro rider for Orica GreenEDGE and coffee aficionado. A while ago, he sent us a email that they were about to open a cycling theme cafe and expressed keen interest to sell our cycling caps. We couldn't be happier. We regularly follow Orica GreenEDGE especially the exploits of Christian and Sven Tuft.

After a few emails back and forth we have made arrangements to now have our cycling caps in their cycling theme cafe in Girona, Spain!

We're hopeful to, one day,  journey over to Girona to meet them, enjoy their coffee and personally deliver some more of our caps!

Globe and Mail article here.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Dapper w/capper: Allan's Toro Toro!

courtesy Allan Espinosa

We love it when folks send us a photo of themselves with their new Red Dots Cycling cap. Here's today's Dapper w/capper... Allan wearing his new Toro Toro!

Thanks and enjoy Allan!

photo Red Dots Cycling

Saturday, 5 September 2015