Friday, 28 March 2014

TGIF: New Spring Collection & Working With Raiment Bicycle Life

I'm also called, Mr @reddotscycling 
courtesy @raimentcc

During the upcoming days, we will proudly offer our new Spring Collection of cycling caps at Vancouver's Raiment Bicycle Life. Meanwhile, today, Jared snapped this photo of me busy working on their latest project. It's going to be fun!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Our Custom Cafe Roubaix Cycling Cap

The new Cafe Roubaix custom cycling cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

I first started to follow the story of Cafe Roubaix from Cochrane Alberta, keying in on their David vs Goliath story. Facebook is how I learned of their fantastic story and I 'liked' them - how can you not? I'm originally from Alberta too and I'm happy Cafe Roubaix persevered along with incredible support from many folks around the world. Us included. Shortly afterwards, Dan contacted us for shop cycling caps and wanted Canadian made. A few emails later, we are proud to be chosen to make their shop caps. Today, on Dan's Facebook page, it looks like a positive reaction to the caps...

via Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio

We invite you to check out Cafe Roubaix for their new custom cycling caps!


Friday, 21 March 2014

TGIF: Tifosi Cycling Cap - La Primavera, Thanks To Our Suppliers & What's On Our Work Table

photo Red Dots Cycling

Honoring the first day of Spring, I took out my Tifosi cycling cap for an Italian spin. Milan San Remo is this Sunday, pick up yours and show your love and support for Italian racing.

Tifosi Cycling Cap.

On our work table.
photo Red Dots Cycling.

This is what's on our work table, at the moment. As you may have guess, there's something 
'Dutch' in the air. The other cap is a special Aqua ribbon cap. That's two new cycling caps coming soon.

It's been a very crazy, zany, busy week. Sometimes designing new caps and custom caps can be stressful. Our week was everything but production, there's a whole other side to it. There's planning, designing, sourcing out material, in fact, one of our customers asked us for the particular color ribbon for their custom cap. It took time. Between the research online, emailing back and forth - it would be easier if we can just go to ONE supplier for everything. Not so. We discover our best friend is our suppliers. Our suppliers are key to running an efficient small business. As our business has grown, we are at the point now, that we can fulfil the minimums to qualify from our suppliers. Thank you to our suppliers!

One things for sure, production will be full on starting Monday!


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

New Custom Cap: El Toro Rosso

The El Toro Rosso custom cap for Mat
Photo Red Dots Cycling

We love working with our customers to produce one-of-a-kind custom cycling caps.

Thanks to Mat for coming up with a stunning custom cap combining two current existing caps. Our Cappello Nero Rosso + Vuelta El Toro  =  El Toro Rosso!

Embroidered El Toro
Photo Red Dots Cycling

Friday, 14 March 2014

TGIF: The Wait Is Over: New Tifosi Cycling Cap, Jam 'SKA' Price, Pennine Cycles & Chava

Tifosi Cycling Cap
photo by Red Dots Cycling

Italian is the buzz word for today's TGIF!

The wait is over. We have been advertising this new cap since January. However, production was postponed due to custom orders. We're excited to launch our newest Tifosi cycling cap!

Our admiration and love for Italian cycling holds no bounds, coinciding with the exciting Tirreno Adriatico stage race. Tradition is the key in making the Tifosi, we include a handmade Italian tricolor consisting of 3 ribbons sewn together. Made from pre-washed black linen/cotton for durability, comfort and wicking properties it is our favorite fabric. We use a standard 100% pre-washed cotton wicking band, adding a fiery red linen/cotton under brim. Our embroidered Red Dots logo includes a special Italian tricolor.

So, go ahead and get your TIFOSI CYCLING CAP, show your support because it's FAN-tastic!

From the UK...

Thanks to Jam Price for sending us this photo of himself styling the SKA-licious cycling cap!

From Yorkshire, UK ...
This is would be the perfect choice for our company bike!

Red Dots in Reynolds steel!

Coinciding with 2014 Tour de France, the Grand Depart starts in Leeds, West Yorkshire July, 5. 
Pennine Cycles hand build a special series of frames for the Tour. You know our choice!

Don't forget! When you purchase more than one item you pay shipping only on your first item. Go ahead and buy more and save!

Here's our maillot à pois rouges...

The ever popular Sylvain Chavanel (IAM Cycling), 2014 Paris-Nice.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Flandrien Inspired & Proud

Belgian Champion and Flandrien, Roger De Vlaeminck- 
1970 Liege-Bastogne-Liege
via Castelli Cycling

The great Roger De Vlaeminck won an astounding 257 victories during his career that spanned 15 years (1969-1984). A majority of his victories were one-day races or Classics. Uncannily comfortable on the treacherous cobbles of Paris-Roubaix (four time winner) he excelled in the Monuments of Cycling becoming one of three to win all five masterpieces of cycling's toughest classics; Milan-San Remo, Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Liege-Bastogne-Liege and Giro di Lombardia. It's not a surprise he shares this special Monument podium with his two fellow Belgians Rik Van Looy and Eddy Merckx. Thus our Flandrien cycling cap is created as a symbol to that fighting spirit of those Flandriens - past, present and future.

Our Flandrien cycling cap,
Belgian national team blue under brim
photo Red Dots Cycling

We embroider Flandrien proud in our Vancouver studio!
photo Red Dots Cycling

Friday, 7 March 2014

TGIF: Making The Better Cycling Cap & Thanks Jordan!

Paris-Roubaix Cycling Cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

TGIF opens with a wonderful post from Jordan of

Jordan recently received the Paris-Roubaix cap, for a birthday gift, and what caught my eye was his impeccable review of our handmade cycling cap...

'Among the presents was a cycling cap. A very nice cycling cap. A cycling cap to make all others look obsolete.'

Furthermore, he described our Release the Hounds-tooth Winter Cap...

'looks well made with quality and overall finish as a main priority. Take into consideration that a big brand such as Castelli or Rapha would charge a lot more than £31.90 for a winter cap the Release the Hounds-tooth Winter Cap is a bargain.'

Since day one, Carolle and I set out to make the finest handmade products that everyone, cyclists and non-cycylists, can appreciate and enjoy. To be compared to the big brands is  both a compliment and also fuels our passion to produce the finest handmade cycling caps. This year, our custom cap market has grown and so has the learning curve of creating challenging and fun designs for cycling teams/clubs worldwide. We're constantly learning how to make the best made and comfortable wearing cycling caps ...because we wear them everyday on the bike too. Cycling is in our blood and without our cycling customers we could not grow.

Thanks Jordan and Ride-on with the Paris-Roubaix!


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Showing Our Italian Stripes - FRFuggitivi Team Cycling Cap.

photo Red Dots Cycling

We're showing our stripes. And proud we are. This is our recent handmade Italian ribbon detail on the special edition FRFuggitivi team cap. It's not any common ribbon. Made from three ribbons this distinctly, handmade Italian tricolore maybe a first. We like to think so. 

There are plans that a few of the FRFuggitivi-ers will be starting their first organized 100km ride (launching the new season in a big way) at the Pacific Populaire Bike Ride, April 6th. I'm looking forward to it - Forza!

Fuggitivi - The Italian expression for breakaway riders.

photo Red Dots Cycling


Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Classic... Flandrien Cycling Cap

Flandrien cycling cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

We love the classic season with a particular fondness for the grittiness for the Belgian riders called Flandriens. The foul Flemish weather, cobbles strewn roads are the perfect setting to produce a type of rider that accepts self-sacrifice and grim suffering in glory. In the past, we had a few Belgian cycling cap variations and this time around Carolle and I re-designed a true classic... Flandrien Cycling Cap!

With the aid of our wonderful embroidery machine, we create a custom embroidered detail in honor to a ...Flandrien.

Our custom embroidered detail.
Photo Red Dots Cycling

It is made from pre-washed linen/cotton for a comfortable wearing cycling cap. We sew in a pre-washed 100% cotton wicking band - so please go ahead and sweat over the cobbles. And, lastly no Flandrien is not complete without the Belgium light blue under brim.

Be inspired, ride hard, embrace your inner... Flandrien!