Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The New Running of the Vuelta El Toro Cycling Cap

Our new Vuelta El Toro Cycling Cap.
photo Red Dots Cycling

We are looking forward to the upcoming 68th Vuelta a España, starting August 24th - September 15th.

It will have 11 summit finishes including a rare summit finish in France, at Peyragudes - a continuation of the famous Peyresourde climb. Also, the feared 13km Angliru monster climb returns (last used in 2011) for the final stage to ultimately decide the winner - that's why we love the Vuelta promising high drama right until the end. 

The upcoming Vuelta sets the stage for us to produce a new cycling cap with the theme - el toro - the symbol of Spain and the Vuelta... 

Introducing the Vuelta El Toro Cycling Cap!

The new exciting design is a radical departure for us - introducing one red panel to emphasize our striking El Toro embroidery design. Using our favorite linen/cotton, to make a perfect sturdy and comfortable fitting summer cycling cap. And, sweat away - we sew in a 100% cotton wicking band. It's all in the detail - we complete the design adding a striking red/yellow/red Spanish ribbon.

I'm impressed how Carolle managed to design this beautiful yet intricate design, especially with the basic software we have. 

We are very happy with the new Vuelta El Toro cycling cap- and we hope you will enjoy it too. 

So, go ahead and take this bull by the horns!


Our Vuelta El Toro cycling cap was inspired by this beautiful
poster from the 1965 Vuelta Ciclista a España.
via Cycling's Golden Age 1946-1947

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Going Up - Grimpeur Style

My Tempo cap  - the Grimpeur way!
photo Richard

Grimpeur - French for Climber.

Two weeks ago, I successfully conquered Mt. Seymour climbing the 12.5kms distance in just over an hour. It was so hot I took off my helmet and turned my Tempo cycling cap with the the brim backwards - grimpeur style. The linen/cotton fabric did a fine job of wicking my perspiration. Also, the new 100% cotton wicking band kept the sweat out of my eyes. And the brim help shield part of my neck from the scorching sun. My practical cap turned extraordinary practical. 

I can't say that I'm a good grimpeur but for 12.5kms on that hot Sunday... I felt like one!

Friday, 19 July 2013

TGIF: New Prototype Cycling Cap, We Support Caps Not Hats & Cool as a Smoothie


We're excited and in preparation of a brand new prototype cycling cap to be reveal next week. Stay tune for this, we are sure you will find this as something you have never seen before from Red Dots Cycling!

Have you seen the new campaign called, 'Caps Not Hats?' Bill Strickland of Bicycling.com is behind this campaign. Read this very interesting article here. We certainly support this worthy and noble cause.

Well, it's 29C here in our studio and to combat the heat we are having a delicious banana, peanut butter smoothie. Here's the recipe for two:

Red Dots Cycling Banana, Peanut Butter Smoothie:

Two frozen bananas.

Two tbs honey

One large T. peanut butter

One Cup of Milk

One Cup of Soy Milk

Blend everything together. I use a hand blender and then serve.

Perfect, especially after a ride... Enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Match Made in Heaven!

courtesy: seriousandstylish.com

We would like to thank Jonathan of Road Holland for sending us the photo of how well our
Le Tour 100 cycling cap matches their fantastic Road Holland's Ultrecht Jersey.

Road Holland, based and made in the US, makes very well-made cycling jerseys. In fact, I am a proud owner of quite a few of them and enjoy them on my many rides.

The French style of our Le Tour 100 cap goes so well with the USA Edition Ultrecht... Stunning and a match made in heaven!


Saturday, 13 July 2013

La Francaise Cycling Cap: Look Who's Back for Bastille Day!

Understated Chic...
Vive La Francaise!
Photo: Red Dots Cycling

Look Who's Back, just in time for July 14th, Bastille Day!

Want to cheer for the French and be understated and don't want to be so bold as our Le Tour 100 limited edition cap?

La Francaise is back ... new and improved! We are using 95% cotton/ 5% spandex fabric, the added spandex makes a big difference for comfort. And, our new embroidery logo is standard.

And, we won't hold it against you if you prefer both... because they are both chic!

Allez, Allez... La Francaise! 


Tres Chic!
Le Tour 100 Limited Edition Cap
photo: Red Dots Cycling

Friday, 12 July 2013

TGIF: tdf 100 Wallet featured on minimalwallet & nous aimons le Tour!

Our new tdf 100 Piccola Wallet
photo Red Dots Cycling

This morning we received an email from Dave of minimal wallet, "an independent site and not affiliated with any individual manufacturer." We are happy he showcased our new tdf 100 Piccola inner tube wallet on his site.

'We love wallets that are not only minimal, well designed and most importantly look good. You have to live with your wallet 8 - 10 hours a day, so love it and carry it with pride.'

Thanks Dave.

La Francaise.

We are almost finished production and will re-stock the popular La Francaise cycling caps!  

Congratulations, today, to Mark Cavendish for winning his 25th Tour stage and for keeping the tradition of wearing the cycling cap alive and well! Here's Cav post-stage and looking great - on twitter we love the hashtag... #capsnothats

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chapeau! Keeping the Cycling Cap Tradition Alive!

Congratulations to Tony Martin winning stage 11 TT and finishes it nicely
wearing the traditional cycling cap!
via LeTour 

Thanks Stuart!

And, White jersey holder; Michal Kwiatkowski keeping the tradition going...
The Cap is Back!
via Graham Watson

Espress O back to enjoy!

Espress O cycling cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

Espresso... one of my favorites.

Back by popular demand is the Espress O cycling cap!

Complete with our embroidered logo... Enjoy on your next coffee ride!

Monday, 8 July 2013

New: Recycled Bike Inner Tube Smart Wallet

Recycled Bike Inner Tube Smart Wallet
All Photos: Red Dots Cycling.

We first introduced the Smart Wallet, last Christmas, during a craft show. It was so popular it sold out.  Now, it's back!

The current iPhone 5, Blackberry and many smart phones will fit in our new Smart Wallet. 

One side has a colorful plastic zippered pocket to hold your money and plastic cards securely. The open side is perfect for your phone and passport to have easy access to. 

It measures 7 1/2" X 8 1/2" open and 7 1/2" X 4 1/4" closed. Made from recycled, pre-washed, durable, water resistant bike inner tubes and pre-washed fabric. We use re-claimed fabric choosing fun, bright patterns. Finished with a velcro closure. Proudly handmade in our Vancouver studio!

Here's our Smart Wallets available here.

Open Sesame!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

New: Limited Edition Red Dots Cycling Cap and Wallet

Limited Edition Red Dots Cycling Cap...
photo Red Dots Cycling

Designed initially for our fundraising campaign contributors, we decided to offer a limited edition run on the new Red Dots Cycling Cap and Wallet.

Bold, Bright and Beautiful! We are proud of the new embroidery designed by Carolle. What a statement to show off your love for Red Dots Cycling - and we're happy you will!

This is the first cycling cap we launched our new journey into embroidery and it's stunning with two designs on the under brim and side panel.

We took the opportunity to answer feedback from many customers desiring a slightly larger wallet to hold more business and plastic cards. Well, we answered with the new Red Dots Wallet.

Both the limited edition cycling cap/wallet is available now - while quantities last!


Limited Edition Red Dots Wallet.

Friday, 5 July 2013

TGIF: The New Limited Edition; Le Tour 100 Cycling Cap & tdf 100 Inner Tube Wallet.

Vive Le Tour 100!
All Photos Red Dots Cycling

It's all in the embroidery details!

This is the 100th edition of the Tour de France!

We love Le Tour and to honor this important milestone, Carolle and I are proud to introduce the new Le Tour 100 Cycling Cap and tdf 100 Piccola Wallet! Our new handmade cap offers unique details, embroidered underbrim detail and embroidered yellow 'le tour 100'. All the embroidery is done in our Vancouver studio with our new machine. We marvel at how well our new machine embroiders!

The ultimate prize: the yellow jersey...
Simon Gerrans wore le maillot jaune for 
two days!
via media.melty.fr

Why yellow? 

The leader wears the maillot jaune or yellow jersey. Since 1919, the leader of the general classification wears the yellow jersey. The winner of the first Tour in 1903 wore a green armband not a yellow jersey. There is some doubt as to when the yellow jersey began. Philippe Thys won the Tour in 1913, 1914 and 1920 and years later said he was awarded the yellow jersey in 1913.

This beautiful Le Tour 100 cycling cap is a limited edition - on sale now while quantities last!

'le tour 100' for the yellow jersey!

The tdf 100 Piccola inner tube wallet.

We also took our popular Piccola wallet and improved it...

The results are striking! We added a bold red fabric with a French tricolor ribbon, embroidered Eiffel tower/wheel and 'tdf 100' script. We slightly enlarged the wallet to hold a few more plastic cards and business cards. We love the limited edition tdf 100 Piccola inner tube wallet  - C'est Magnifique!

Ordering the Limited Edition cap and wallet together...

For the first time, our tdf 100 wallet was designed to compliment Le Tour 100 cap. We're so excited with the results that when you order the cycling cap and wish to order the wallet as well, the shipping price from the wallet will be paid by us!  

Enjoy and Vive Le Tour!


Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Canada Day Sale!

Happy Canada Day!

I went for my Canada Day ride yesterday with my Frfuggitivi group and today we are celebrating Canada Day clearing out every cap and inner tube products in our shop

Take advantage of our lowest prices ever... for one day only.