Sunday, 30 June 2013

Saturday, 29 June 2013

TGIF: Tour de France, Tour de Pfaff & Canada Day Sale

Vive le Tour!
photo Red Dots Cycling


Today is the start of the 100th edition of the the Tour de France and we couldn't be happier!

Humming along...
(l to r): Blue monster, Panzer &  the wonderful Phaff embroidery machines.
photo Red Dots Cycling

It really is a factory here as we are busy working with the blue monster, panzer, embroidery and serger machines. Our anticipation for the Tour de France is equally matched with finishing our upcoming limited edition cycling cap and recycled rubber wallet. We will work through the long weekend to finish and I can tell you  - we are excited!

Thanks to Sabine of Pfaff for my free 5-pack titanium needles!
photo Red Dots Cycling

One can never have enough needles...

When I saw the free 5-pack needle offer from the Pfaff Facebook page, I decided to pay Sabine of Pfaff on Granville a visit. It's so nice to visit her surrounded by all those beautiful old mechanical Pfaff sewing machines. She suggested a 5-pack Titanium quilting needles and I'm so happy to receive them Free! 

Afterwards, we made our way downtown to the iconic Dressew store to pick up zippers and ribbon for our special caps and wallets. Richard found a mini French flag to celebrate le Tour.

This Monday, July 1st is Canada Day!

To celebrate we will have a Canada Day Sale! Check back this Monday for even lower prices on discontinued items and our new cycling caps ie. Venga! Venga!, Cappello da Ciclismo Nero, Viva La Corsa Rosa & Tempo. Remember for one day on Monday July 1st,  our prices will be slashed even further!

We get a warm and fuzzy feeling when we received this Tweet ...

Thanks Andrew!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

TGIF: Summer Sale, Achtung Panzer! & Ready with Velcro for Rubber Week!

In preparation with rubber week,  we have been using our new Pfaff 96 sewing machine.

It's fabulous. The older metal machines are meant to sew through virtually anything... built tough like a Panzer. That is the new nickname of our new beloved Pfaff sewing machine. It's well made, sturdy and made to work efficiently for many years. It's difficult to pinpoint the exact year of the 96. There is not enough information online to make a positive id. One clue is the 'Made in West Germany' label on the back of the machine.

Achtung Panzer!
photo Red Dots Cycling

Made in 'Western Germany'.
photo Red Dots Cycling

Built tough like a Panzer.

We already started with first prep of the new and improved inner tube wallet. Richard has cleaned and cut the tubes for me to sew the fabric. We will have a more detailed post on our new wallet upcoming!

Love Velcro!
photo: Red Dots Cycling

We love Velcro. We use quite a lot of it in our wallets. There's something magical about the common fastener. It comes as a two-piece loop and hook and mates naturally to form a tight closure. We have a new supplier and purchase two rolls to last for quite sometime. And, the price couldn't be beat!

Our Spring Sale is now our Summer Sale on selected caps, pouches and wallets. We decided to extend our 25-40% Off Sale while quantities last!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Our indiegogo Campaign Update: L'equipe Perk Shipped! Rubber Side Down.

L'equipe packed and ready to ship!
photos Red Dots Cycling

Here's an update on our indiegogo campaign...

We are happy to announce that our L'equipe perk is successfully completed and shipped today! Congratulations to our recipients of our special edition embroidered cycling cap... you are part of our team!

We are busy prepping inner tubes for our next perk... Le Domestique. The new special edition inner tube wallet will also be produced and sold as a regular stock item through our online store.

Today, we happily discovered 50 meters of velcro like hook and loop fastener fabric from our new supplier. Now we have ample supply of the fastener destined for our new upcoming wallet!

Friday, 14 June 2013

TGIF: Special Edition Cycling Cap, Spring Sale & Le Tour de France

First look at our new embroidered cycling cap!
photo Red Dots Cycling

For us TGIF is the day that we realize ... it's Friday! And, where has the week gone?

We are moving closer to finishing our first crowdfunding perk. As I write the brims are on and I'm about to finish with the final threading. And good news! We decided to make a few more Special Edition caps and will put them in our website for purchase. That should happen within 24-48 hours!

I'm busy cutting and prepping more inner tubes for the upcoming new wallet. Some will go to fulfill the Le Domestique perk!

Our popular Spring Sale continues. That's right! We have slashed prices 25-40% off on most in-stock items, get them now... it's time!

I'm excited, it's 14 days and counting until the 100th edition of the Tour de France! It will start in Corsica on June 29th. Check out my cyclingart post for a Tour de France post.

Allez Tour!
100th Edition of the Tour starts June 29th!

Saying of the day...

Image from the Tour du Suisse...

David Millar, stage 2.
via Castelli Cycling

Have a good Friday!


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Spring Cleaning is On!

The classic on sale...
One left: S/M - Tempo cycling cap.
photo Red Dots Cycling

Some of you may have notice that we have an on-going sale.

We are in the process of re-making all of our caps in line with our the new branding. Over the past few weeks we have new sizing labels, product labels and now the new embroidered logo on some caps. Our goal is to have the new branding across all of our caps. It's a huge endeavor, made easier with our new Pfaff embroidery machine.

We are asking you to help us in our Spring Cleaning -  this is your chance to buy beautiful handmade caps or recycled wallets or pouches!

Friday, 7 June 2013

TGIF: Pfaff Time!

Photo Red Dots Cycling

We have been Pfaff Again!

Thanks to Sabine of Pfaff on Granville for a few goodies we picked up yesterday!

When we bought our dream machine, we had a bag of goodies as part of a special promotion. I'm excited to discover  a box of 12 huge spools of embroidery thread. Any sewer knows that one can never have enough of thread! 

The special bonus promotion I received with my Pfaff Creative 3.0!

Photo Red Dots Cycling

And not to mention the Pfaff exclusive scissor collection!

I'm in Pfaff heaven! I don't know all the specific tools, but I'll soon happily, figure it out. One thing is that I do admire the Pfaff craftsmanship! It's always fun to visit the Pfaff store. They have so many goodies and have extended their line of sewing machines. Sabine is most welcoming and she gives demos on all of the machines. And, she also encourages you to try the machine. The Pfaff display is worth a look showcasing most of their wonderful machines throughout their history. 

When I purchased my embroidery machine, I mentioned to Sabine that I wanted another machine just for rubber... and MAYBE they would have an older machine for me to use. Well, Sabine quickly said that they would find an old machine for me. I didn't want anything too new, I wanted an all-metal tank of a machine, to replace my old beloved Singer Fashionmate.

When I picked up my bag of goodies I was surprised in what was waiting for me! It's a Pfaff model 96! It is an older machine and I tried to find out the origin of the machine online. What a wonderful machine it is! Made in West Germany all mechanical and built like a Panzer. I have tested some rubber and it will be perfect!

Along with my serger and embroidery machine - I'm extremely happy to have another Pfaff in my family! 

Thanks to Sabine of Pfaff on Granville for her expert help and to make it easier for me to find my dream machine!

Part of the amazing machines on display!

Photo Red Dots Cycling

Sabine points out the details of my new Pfaff type 96!
Photo Red Dots Cycling


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ride on! with the new Tempo Cycling Cap!

Ride on! with the new Tempo!
photo Red Dots Cycling

We are excited to introduce the new Tempo cycling cap!

Our second best selling cap... made even better.

It is a four-panel design cap made from strong and durable Linen/cotton. A fabric that has antiallergic properties, absorbs dampness and sweat very quickly. Can it get better? We think so.

We proudly include our new embroidered logo. And you are covered on your rides, so don't sweat it because you can sweat with the new added 100% cotton wicking head band.  

You will enjoy your rides... in Tempo!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I Sew Labels

Sewing Along!
photo Red Dots Cycling

Carolle is spending more time on the computer figuring out the design. And, that means I can participate in the sewing part of the cycling caps. After it's programed, I gently guide the fabric and presto - a label is sewn, automatically the thread is cut and it's finished. This Pfaff is a wonderful machine!

My new job -  sewing on labels!

The finished label!
photo Red Dots Cycling