Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Skank it up on the SKA Piccola Wallet

You're Welcome, Jam...
Skank it up!

It all started with a request on making a custom SKA cycling cap.

Ska: A music genre from Jamaica in the 1950s. Characterized with heavy moving bass it's popular with the 1960s British Mods.

Jam from the UK was looking for a special SKA cycling cap. We loved the idea! And there's a cool tie-in of the chequered pattern of the 70s-80s Peugeot cycling teams.

We had problems finding the chequered pattern fabric... it was a quest. After trying many suppliers we did come up with a small supply and introduce a limited edition SKA-licious cap. Jam asked us to produce a SKA La Piccola wallet and we did have enough fabric to make him two.

It sure was fun to Skank it up with Jam!

SKA-licious Cycling Cap.


Monday, 29 October 2012

Making it Easier: Select your Size on Etsy!

We have been wishing this from Etsy for a long time...

Now, it's a reality! Etsy has made it easier and darn convenient to help your cycling cap shopping experience. They added a Size Selector above the 'Add to Cart' located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Size choice is important, in the past, we impressed upon you to state your size choice. Not anymore.

It's an integral part, just pick your size and Add to Cart!

Friday, 26 October 2012

TGIF: Make it! More Cycling Caps.

Follow the 'Red Dots' to see us!

Here's the floor plan for the upcoming Make it! To simplify your journey to see us, Carolle has made it easier. All you have to do is follow the red dots to our booth #121!

The Make it! show will expand with more vendors, more fun. Let's not forget, bring your love ones and enjoy beer/wine, live music and just have fun! If you're going to one craft show this year, then this is the one. Here's the link for $1.00 off admission.

We have made enough winter caps to replenish our stocks, now we realize that our regular caps are dwindling down. Carolle is serging away on some popular regular caps for stock. On the table now: La Francaise, Paris-Roubaix, Cappello Nero and Falling Leaves!

I'm glad to be recovering from a stubborn cold. While I was resting in bed, Carolle has taken control in production. Now, I'm feeling better and appreciated the time 'off' to recuperate. I'm sure glad it's happening now and not during the Make it show!

Have a good Friday!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Sprinting towards a winter cap finish

Sometimes things don't go entirely to plan, or so it seems.

We just finished our rubber madness production and will have to delay the launch of our new designs for, hopefully, a few days. Our winter cycling caps are selling very well. And we are thinking it's partly due from the excellent press we have from Bicycling Magazine

We have just over 2-weeks remaining before our big Christmas show, Make It! So, that means we have to make one last winter cycling cap run to replenish stocks. Carolle's already in the serger phase, listening to her favorite music/radio episodes on her iPod. 

Time to sprint towards a winter cap finish!

Friday, 19 October 2012

TGIF: New Wallets/Pouches, Francophone Women's Entrepreneur & Shipping to Malaysia

New La Piccola's and Piccolo's!

Last evening I had a wonderful opportunity to present Red Dots Cycling at the Vancouver Francophone Women's Entrepreneur monthly meeting. It was a success, in front of an enthusiastic group of 30 business women. I started off the meeting with my 10 minute presentation and shared, quite proudly, with our recent success in Bicycling Magazine. I was the intro of the evening with the main portion following about how and why to build your business with LinkedIn. I'm grateful to go to the monthly meetings and it's important for me because I learn important business tips/strategies  and it also keeps my French alive!

Here's an update on our rubber madness week...

It's almost at the end and with the help of the blue monster sewing machine we will be ready for November's Make It Show in Vancouver! Everyone loves a deal... here's a link on how to receive $1 off admission! Hope to see you there!

We have tons of new La Piccola wallet designs ready and especially a special Skull custom design. We plan to have new wallets/pouches sometime up on the website by the end of next week.

We are becoming more global...

Today, we are shipping two winter caps to Malaysia... a first for us!

Have a great Friday everybody!


We'll be ready!
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Special Wedding Invitation for our Routier Cycling Cap

Our Routier cycling caps at the wedding of
Hollis and Chris...looks like FUN!

Who says cycling caps are not allowed in a wedding?

We were surprised and excited when bride to be, Hollis emailed us for custom Routier cycling caps for her wedding. They were for the groom and his best men. This is a first for us. We have made custom cycling caps for organizations, clubs and bike stores but never for a wedding.

Congratulations to Hollis and Chris and thanks to Carly loves Amos Photographers for the image.

We always say our cycling caps look equally good on or off the bike... And, now after looking at this great wedding photo we can really see how stylish and fashionable our caps can be!  

Monday, 15 October 2012

Chapeau! Brits Winter Cycling Cap in Bicycling Magazine

November issue of Bicycling...

Today's a great day...

We finally have our hands on the November issue of Bicycling Magazine!

That means we have a hardcopy issue, that's right we're old school, of the famous magazine showcasing our Brits Winter Cycling Cap! It's on page 34 under the appropriate headline....


We couldn't be happier and proud to be included in the '12 Stylish Cycling Caps.' 

Thanks to Jennifer Sherry, senior editor at Bicycling Magazine, who contacted us back in August for a sample cap for consideration. They planned a one-page fall/winter cycling cap article for November. 

It was fate. Bear in mind this was August and we had only one winter cap left in stock. So, we shipped off our Brits winter cap made of 100% British Superfine Wool. This one is unique, so unique we proudly sew in an authentic label on the inside of the cap.  


...CHAPEAU! we're number 4!

Friday, 12 October 2012

TGIF: Rubber Madness & Joong

First phase: cutting 
La Piccola Wallets.

When most of us are thinking of Halloween, we are knee-deep in preparing for Christmas!

This is the first part of our 'Rubber Madness', preparing for the Blue Monster sewing machine that will be with us starting tomorrow. The above image is a numerous amount of La Piccola Wallets in the first phase of cutting.

In preparation for Rubber Madness, Carolle decided to make Joong, a Chinese delicacy of sweet rice wrapped in banana leaves. I'm proud of her as she is probably the only non-asian, Quebecoise that knows how to make this delicacy. I'll bet my last penny on this. It takes a few hours to prepare but once ready takes minutes to cook and makes a delicious lunch. I'll help her with the prep, so check out Carolle's post on ...Joong.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Return of the Cycling Inquisition Caps

Colombian Cycling Inquisition Cap

The Colombian Cycling Inquisition caps are now available!

We made a small run of these Colombian beauties, so go ahead and order from Klaus!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Return of the Blue Monster

To ramp up our rubber inner tube production, we will also introduce a brand new product...

This weekend is the return of the Blue Monster sewing machine!

Stay tune for the continuing adventures as we sew our way through the rubber inner tube jungle with the help from the Blue Monster...

And, we will endeavour to save as many used inner tubes from the evil landfill!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fun & Practical: New La Piccola Wallets

All photos: Red Dots Cycling

It's about two-years since we made our first La Piccola wallet...

When I first saw the finished product, it was a happy moment carefully crafted from upcycled rubber inner tubes and looking every bit the pragmatic wallet ...I always wanted. Gone are the days of using my old heavy leather wallet that looked more burdensome than practical. I have a wallet for the daily essentials; enough cards and some banknotes and nothing more. It's super light and fits in the palm of the hand comfortably. It's made of recycled rubber and from time to time it gets dirty, a good thing or bad? That's subjective. If it gets dirty just wipe it with a damp cloth. Or better yet, polish from time to time with a little Armor-all for the royal treatment. If you prefer the faded timeless look of aged rubber, leave it alone.

We sewn in fabric for two reasons: the full-on fun effect and cards are easy to grab.

Here's a few brand new and very practical La Piccola Wallets... enjoy!


Friday, 5 October 2012

TGIF: Locomotive Clothing, Bicycling & Thanks-Giving!

TGIF, and for a good reason...

It has been a very busy week at Red Dots Cycling HQs as we're fully in our rubber inner tube production. Carolle is busy on the sewing machine and I'm feeling a little under the weather, nursing a cold. However, I'm managing the all engrossing computer work which is enough for me.

Last evening, we had a wonderful meeting with Aaron and Jay of Locomotive Clothing Co. They are a local clothing company offering unique and very original designs on screenprinted tshirts and clothing. I had met Jay on a recent FRFuggitivi Sunday ride and, of course, we chatted about what we both do. Call it serendipity. Last week, a potential client emailed us about producing cycling caps, with their logo of their cycling team. Enter Locomotive Clothing and the picture suddenly got better. We are in the early stages and a collaboration is in the works.

Red Hunting wool winter cycling cap

Thanks to Jennifer Sherry for the fantastic feature, '12 Stylish Cycling Caps' on showcasing our Brits winter cycling cap. Today, Michael from the US purchased the Red Hunting wool cap and left this wonderful comment ...

Saw the shop on Bicycling Magazine. I've been looking for a gorgeous cap like this for years.

The full feature will be in November's issue of Bicycling Magazine. We can't wait to get our copy!

We will be enjoying Thanksgiving long weekend and Monday is our holiday, so that means orders won't be ship until Tuesday.

Have a very good riding weekend everyone!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Rubber Fetish: 3 Bags Full

...and 3 Bags Full!

We have a rubber fetish!

I just returned from Our Community Bikes where Jesse graciously provided us with an ample supply of free used inner tubes. We'll recycle it and do our part to keep this rubber out of the landfill. This important rubber inner tubes will go into our La Piccola Wallets, Piccolo Pouch and a new product (that's a secret).

We're busy making the Piccolo Pouch with new fun fabrics. This new supply of tubes will be put into good use. I'll start off by choosing the right tubes for production, then washing them and then the production stage. We want to be finish at the end of October and have products for our website and the upcoming Make It Show in November.

Jesse was the perfect host as he piled me with bag after bag, inviting me back if I run out. This may happen sooner than later.

We are proud and happy to work alongside OCB, a local community merchant. Many thanks to Jesse of Our Community Bikes for the used inner tubes!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Steve wins the Flemish!

Flemish wool winter cycling cap
Red Dots Cycling

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our Flemish wool winter cap contest!

This morning we happily shipped off a Flemish winter cycling cap to Steve in the UK! It was the highlight of the contest, reading all of the fabulous stories. It's a good thing we didn't choose the winner based on his/her comment. Considering all of the stories were fantastic and too difficult to chose the winner from.

Here is Steve's cycling story, a real gem...

I was attempting my first ascent of the Alpe D'Huez, when in all my finery and ego I was passed half way up at speed by a old wrinkled french guy in purple lycra looking like a purple walnut with a friendly 'Bonjour' as he passed by me and continue up the Alpe effortless leaving me flabbergasted. I said that when I "retire" I want to be like him and that's that's why I had "la noce viola" bead blasted on the top tube on my Passoni, I went back to the spot when I picked up my bike from Italy...

Congratulations Steve! And it's very heartwarming to see our Facebook followers on the increase. Many thanks to everyone for participating!