Saturday, 29 September 2012

How to Receive a Free Winter Cycling Cap

We're giving away one Flemish 100% Winter Cycling Cap!
Red Dots Cycling

We're having a winter cycling cap giveaway!

Today we celebrate the fifth year of Richard's Cycling Art Blog! And, we are so excited that we are offering one lucky recipient a chance to win a...

 The Flemish 100% Winter Cycling Cap!

To win this wonderful winter cap, there are two things you must do:

  1. Go to our Facebook Page and 'Like Us'. 
  2. Leave a comment under the contest post to this question... 

Please, one comment per person.

What is your funniest, weirdest, wacky or nicest moment on the bike?

We will choose the winner through The contest closes Monday, October 1st  @ 18:00 PDT. The winner will be posted on our Facebook Page... Good Luck!

Friday, 28 September 2012

TGIF: Brits in Bicycling Magazine and the Colombian Connection

Our Brits Winter Cycling Cap is part of...
Bicycle Magazine's The 12 Stylish Cycling Caps.

TGIF starts off with fantastic news!

We are very proud to have our Brits 100% British Wool Winter Cycling Cap feature in 'The 12 Stylish Cycling Caps' on

We are very excited and can't wait to see it here in our local newstands. However, it's in the new issue of Bicycling Magazine now out in the US!

We are currently producing a small run of Colombian cycling caps and will be available soon from

The custom Colombian Cycling Sombreros will return
very soon!
Red Dots Cycling

Have a very good Friday everyone!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

King Of The Ardennes Cycling Cap

Richard proudly wearing the new...
King of the Ardennes cycling cap!
Goes well with the Hilversum cycling jersey from Road Holland.
All photos: Red Dots Cycling

Whenever we think of the Ardennes classics, we tend to think of the Belgium classics: Liège-Bastogne-Liège and Flèche Wallonne. Of course, we can't forget the Amstel Gold Race.

The two Belgian classics are the oldest; Liège-Bastogne-Liège, by far the oldest and prestigious classic first held in 1892, late April. It's one of the Five Monuments of Cycling. La Flèche Wallonne (the Walloon Arrow) first held in 1936 is equally prestigious classic run between the Amstel Gold Race and LBL. Perhaps, because it's the new kid on the block, Amstel Gold Race held in 1966 is the most important road cycling event in the Netherlands.

Philippe Gilbert is the current King of the Ardennes, the rider who won all three in 2011. And, from this we proudly created the NEW...

This stunning cap is made from blue cotton/polyester twill fabric and we custom made the stripe detail. After looking high and low there's no Belgium stripe ribbon available here in Vancouver. So, that's what we wanted and Carolle cleverly designed the ribbon! We wanted a strong statement and I believe we've made it ...with a 1-inch Belgian stripe on top of the brim and a new stripe detail on the rear left side. Our King of the Ardennes fits comfortably under your helmet ... whilst proudly displaying your Belgian pride!

Available here.

King of the Ardennes cycling cap by
Red Dots Cycling.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Vive la Belgique!

Vive la Belgique!

We are in the early stages of creating a new exciting cycling cap with the bold Belgian tricolor. Carolle expertly made this beautiful ribbon and after cutting the fabric (I can't show you)... we are already in love!

So, please be patient because good things come to those that wait!

Friday, 21 September 2012

TGIF: Zero at the Pumps, L'Enfer du Nord & Gray Matters!

Zero at the pumps!

Well, it's TGIF at Red Dots Cycling HQ and let's get started...

This week, we sent more of our fun and practical inner tube products to Keep Pedalling bike shop in Manchester UK. So, if you are in Manchester UK, go on in to say hi to Shona and Rich and pick up our Piccolo, La Piccola and Scuola re-cycle inner tube products!

Have a warm ride through Hell!
 L'Enfer du Nord winter cycling cap...
now available in two sizes!
Red Dots Cycling.

Our winter cycling caps are now available on our site and the Autumn Sale is going strong! In fact, L'Enfer du Nord is a customer favorite and now available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large... have a warm ride through Hell!

Here's a wonderful image of a gentleman wearing one of our favorites; a Bianchi Pirelli wool jersey. A beautiful classic in light blue/white with the two-button front pocket and retro goggles... fantastic!

We're spreading the Etsy love by including, every Friday, a Treasury. To showcase the cool products in the Etsy Sphere this week... Gray Matters!

We at Red Dots Cycling support the bike as a simple, eco-friendly and fun way to get around. Gasoline prices seem to be going right through the roof, so give your car a rest and ride your bike... Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

maillot à pois rouges: Fredrik Kessiakoff

Time Trial specialist Kessiakoff in the hot polka-dots!

Fredrik Kessiakoff had a close battle for the KOMs classification in the 2012 Tour. Wore the maillot à pois rouges for seven stages only to lose it to Thomas Voeckler.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Red Dots Around the World!

Red Dots around the world!

Monday started very well for us with packages of cycling caps and inner tube products going out around the world. We still get a kick when we ship to far away lands like China... A huge Thank You to our customers!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

New Piccolos & Autumn Shift Festival

Sunny day in September!
SoMa (South Main) on the E 10th Ave bike lane.

Yesterday, Carolle and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll on Main Street for the 3rd Annual Autumn Shift Festival. It's one of two days in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver that is closed off to vehicular traffic. The other day is Car Free Day. It's fun with tap dancers, fashion show, music, mascots as dogs, and real dogs and folks selling all sorts of stuff. It's literally car free heaven and we like that.

Bamboo fixie frame with what appears to be a steel fork.
This guy was busy answering questions.

It was a beautiful warm Autumn day and we are convince that we will escape September without rain. Only two blocks long, it crosses the E 10th Ave bike route and we would like the City and the organizers to make it a weekly Summer ritual. The show has grown exponentially with more tents and activities. A fun neighborhood party!

Today we have introduced six more of our wildly popular ...Piccolo Pouch! Check out the Piccolo's on our Etsy page. Perfect for a cell phone, ID, money, tools name it. I always have one on my rides and it's made from recycled, reclaimed rubber inner tubes, that means it grips and stays put where it your jersey pocket!

Friday, 14 September 2012

TGIF: Karmic Box, Flandrian Comeback & Welcome Back Brits!

Look what we received from ilsoigneur!

Hey Everybody it's TGIF!

We like to send our HEARTY THANKS! to the gracious ilsoigneur for the fabulous package we recently received. It's all about karma and we were contacted that they had left over Harris Wool that they would like to send to us... free! We love the idea, we love our wool and how can you say, No to Harris Wool? We will happily re-cycle this, unfortunately it's not enough for a cycling cap but we will introduce this as an accent in a new rubber product this October.

How classy it is... 
wrapped in the pink La Gazzeta dello Sport newspaper!

Beautiful Harris Wool samples!

The Flandrian cycling cap is making a ....comeback.

We love the Flandrian and it's making a comeback!
Red Dots Cycling.

We have a few ideas of changing the design and that has to do with finding the right ribbon. The previous Belgian ribbon stripe had to be made so we have to come up with something creative. The ribbon was time consuming made of satin, extremely hard to work with. But, we love the Flandrian... once the stripe is resolved its coming back!

The ever-popular Brits 100% Wool Winter Cycling Cap is back!

Brits Back!
Red Dots Cycling.

Luckily, we secure even more of the beautiful 100% British fine wool and proudly have it back in stock. Last season was the debut of the Brits and it sold out. And, we have sewn in the label, "100% Superfine Wool..." It was wildly popular feature of this lovely cap. The Brits is available in two sizes: S/M and M/L. It's difficult to gauge how long we will have it, again we never know if or when we can secure more the British Wool.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New 2012 Winter Cycling Caps Have Arrived!

The New 2012 Winter Cycling Caps...
clockwise l to r: Red Hunting, Petit-Breton, La Flèche Wallonne & Nite Rider.
Richard showing two ways to wear it!
Red Dots Cycling

We're excited for Winter!

To get ready for the winter cycling cap season, Red Dots Cycling is proud to launch our new winter cycling cap collection!

On our hunt for fabric we were fortunate to find a very good selection of 100% Wool in fun herringbone and plaid. Discovery of two of our old popular favorites are back!

The Flemish and Brits caps, both in luxurious 100% Wool, have returned. Also, we've added 4 new caps to our winter stable; La Flèche Wallonne, Red Hunting, Petit-Breton and Nite Rider. All in 100% Wool except Acrylic/Wool for the Red Hunting cap.

We have beefed up our collection to 10 models. The pictures are Richard demonstrating different ways to wear our winter caps and how they all fit well under a helmet. That is an important feature of our caps that they look, feel and fit equally well with/without a helmet.

We have winter caps to suit your needs. The Autumn Sale now on selected last year's models are available for a great price for a limited time.

Red Dots Cycling has you covered for Autumn and Winter cycling cap season!

Comfort, protection from the elements, great looks & our famous craftsmanship...
We are proud of our winter cycling caps!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Roaring with Autodrop!

Barry roaring with the Lion!
courtesy of Autodrop Ltd.

Now it's official!

We'd like to thank Jonathan and Richard of Road Holland for putting us in contact with Erich and Barry of Autodrop Ltd. to produce stunning custom cycling caps!

Autodrop Ltd. is a cycling events organizer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina also producing select clothing items.

Jonathan dropped me an email, a little while ago, linked with their specially made Autodrop custom jersey asking if we would like to make a cycling cap. We love the idea and said ...Yes! Thus Operation Lion was born.

It was a matter of time and soon we had a cool design in the works. We knew it was going to be a winner; the lion under brim with our favorite black linen/cotton fabric along with the North Carolina blue stripe.

This is probably one of the finest examples of how a classic kit can be. With just enough detail (Lion) in the inner collar of the Road Holland jersey and the under brim to stand out.

It's a joy working alongside Road Holland and Autodrop Ltd. on Operation Lion and it was seamless all the way to the end of the project.

Now, Erich invited me to Winston-Salem for a ride and craft beers, when I'm in that part of the world... I'll definitely take him up on that!

The custom caps look amazing and now available from the the Autodrop Ltd. site.


My ride with the lion!

The Lion custom cap goes well with the 
Road Holland jersey!

Monday, 10 September 2012

La Piccola Review on ibikedaily

 La Piccola Wallet
courtesy ibikedaily

What a busy run in to September...

Last month, CJ of contacted us expressing interesting in our La Piccola recycled inner tube wallet for an upcoming review.

ibikedaily is a very cool blog where CJ and staff review new bike gear essential for any cycling enthusiast.

We're so excited we sent CJ his own La Piccola wallet for review... Thank You ibikedaily!

Read it here.

Purchase La Piccola here

Friday, 7 September 2012

TGIF File: Winter Caps Sale, Sustainable Washer, Operation Lion

Autumn Sale Now On
selected winter cycling caps!

It's Friday and that means TGIF!

We're finally relaxing after a busy week...

Our first production of our Winter cycling caps are done. We just have to take pictures. To put us in the Winter cycling cap mood, I know it's Summer, we like to introduce our ... Autumn Sale!

This sale is on four selected popular winter caps from our last year's models. The winter caps selected are: The Badger, Galiber, L'enfer du Nord and Lombardia. Selected sizing only, on our website until quantities last.

Just want to say THANKS! to all of our customers for making our Free Shipping Sale a success.

Not only we've finished with our first Winter cycling cap production, we also shipped the Operation Lion custom caps to Autodrop Ltd. in North Carolina. In fact, it has arrived in the destination and will soon be delivered. We're excited!

We love this nifty and low-cost washer by GiraDora...
one thing, when is it available here?

One item of interest, for us that is, in the sustainability market is the very cool pedal-powered GiraDora Washer. Efficient by saving time and energy, it does not use electricity! A practical and affordable way to reduce the effort of handwashing. One sits comfortably on top and uses the built in pedal. From the website only available in Lima, Peru. And at only $40 USD, where can I buy one?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Recycled Rubber Labels

In the past, we tried many labels on our products.

It made sense to have something handmade.

My first thought, "How can I make my own labels in house?"

I experimented with many techniques and never happy with the results. I went online and came across custom made rubber labels. It was embossed rubber labels. It was extremely costly rubber labels. So, with all the recycled rubber I have ...what can I do with it?

In the last year, we've made all of our own labels using recycled rubber inner tubes. We heat press our logo on the rubber and sew the label onto each product.

Often, our customers don't realize we use recycled rubber inner tubes for our labels. It's obvious when our labels are on our rubber products, it's not so obvious when it's on our cycling caps.

Our customers are pleasantly surprised!