Friday, 31 August 2012

TGIF File: Cycling Caps, Going Going Gone Cactus & LABOR DAY LONG WEEKEND FREE SHIPPING SALE!

SOS... Cactus dying!

TGIF! for the upcoming Labor Day long weekend...

We had to put our winter cycling cap production on temporary hold for our custom cap order for Autodrop Ltd. and we're answering the call of the roaring lion. Operation Lion is nearing the end and we're getting the cycling caps ready to ship.

Carolle and I have been together for 17 years, now, and this is the first time that I see her killing a plant. She's a green thumb and nurtures all the plants around the Red Dots Cycling HQs. This is one of the plants donated by our good friend Duane, before he moved to Thailand. Carolle's tried everything to care for it and now the plant has started to shrivel, death is imminent. Maybe it's missing Duane?

To celebrate the upcoming Labor Day long weekend, we are happy to announce FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING in our shop! And, there's free shipping on all of our current Sale products. You'll save even more purchasing multiple products, so go ahead and make your order(s)... shipping is on us! The FREE SHIPPING OFF SALE is from Friday August 31st- September 3rd!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Our 'messy table'.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How to order our Red Dots Cycling Caps.

There seems to be a little confusion about how to order our cycling caps from our website. Let me clarify this to you...

In the ideal world we will have our own website, however, due to the logistics of having one brings it's own sets of problems. So, for now, we are trying to do our best working along with Etsy and making your Red Dots Cycling cap experience a little easier.

How to order you cycling cap from our website is very easy.

On our website we list every cycling cap model. That means we have it in stock and is ready to ship. You have notice at the upper right hand corner next to the price states 'Only 1 available.' In fact, there is 1 cycling cap available in both sizes: Small/Medium & Medium/Large. There lies the confusion.

You will notice, from time to time, some models are available in only one size. That's due to end of stock or end of the line of that model.

Unless otherwise noted, our cycling caps are listed on our website and available in two sizes:

Small/Medium: (21 - 22 1/2")

Medium/Large: (22 1/2 - 24")

If you don't see your size or if you have another design in mind, we specialize in custom cycling caps and all you have to do is email us your questions:


So, I hope this is clear on how to order our cycling caps... Go ahead and place your order and please state your size choice at the checkout.

Happy ordering!

Friday, 24 August 2012

TGIF File: Operation Lion, Julia, Joey & New KOMs!

We have the perfect ribbon for Operation Lion.

This is going to be a new and regular feature every Friday called TGIF File (Thank God It's Friday File).

It's so busy around the Red Dots Cycling headquarters we sometimes lose track. We work seven days a week and this is a good way to keep sense as to what's happened during our busy week.

We've partnered up with cycling events organization, Autodrop Ltd. and there's been a lot of ROARING in the studio. Working together as a two-person operation, Carolle and I have delayed our winter cap production (for the time being) and started our custom cap order. In fact, we just returned from our supplier and found, to much happiness, the perfect ribbon for Operation Lion!

And, Operation Lion has a special fabric coming from Florida. There was a delay in shipping and I discovered that it was here, all along, sitting on a shelf in Burnaby. The lion was quietly waiting for me to pick it up. So all's good we have the lion fabric, and Carolle is cutting it right now.

After a few days without dessert, Carolle surprised me baking a yummy date square. We've been so busy around here that there was no time to bake. Welcome back dessert!

A must see...
only on a full stomach!

One of Carolle's oldest friends, Joey has decided to tie the knot and we're both looking forward to attending the wedding this evening.

Carolle and I finally got around to watching the movie, Julie & Julia. About, of course, food by Julie blogging about creating fantastic recipes by the well-known Julia Child. Carolle is so inspired, I'm thank full, that she received a library copy of the book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The movie was fabulously funny and left me hungry. Warning: watch this film with a full stomach.

You may have notice I haven't posted a new maillot pois rouges picture. I cannot find any new images of polka dot jersey riders. So, I'm going to include all jersey holders with dots! Here's the first, Tom Danielson KOMs in this year's USA Pro Challenge...

... and TGIF!

Red with white dots...
Tom Danielson KOMs, during 
the 2012 USA Pro Challenge.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Roaring with the Lion!

Carolle and I are very proud to be associated with Erich Grant and Barry Stevenson of Autodrop Ltd.

We will be making their custom cycling caps for the Winston-Salem, North Carolina based cycling events organization.

We are roaring with excitement begin production!

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Winter cycling caps are about to arrive!

I can proudly say that our new Winter cycling caps look amazing!

We're not quite ready for unveiling but I can say the Petit-Breton will be joining the new winter collection. We have to figure out the name for one last cap, take pictures before we are ready to launch the Winter cycling caps...

Stay tune!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New: Falling Leaves Cycling Cap

The Giro di Lombardia, one of the five monuments of cycling, is also called the "Race of the Falling Leaves"...

And we're very excited to honor this great Italian classic with our new... Falling Leaves Cycling Cap!

This new handmade cycling cap is created from cotton/spandex/denim. The spandex advantage provides the comfort. And this denim thread is white on the inside and black on the outside. Like any regular denim this handmade cycling cap is not suited for warm weather riding. However it will be more ideal to provide support for your Autumn rides.

We decided on a classic black cap and the classier Italian tricolor on the under brim for the ultimate statement. The under brim is made from cotton twill with a distinct gros grain white ribbon.

Inspired by the upcoming classic one-day race (September 29th) ... you will 'fall' in love with our Falling Leaves Cycling Cap!

Part inspired from the wonderful, Spring Classics by

Friday, 10 August 2012

Back To Scuola SALE!

With school around the corner, we've decide to take 25% off all Scuola Cases until September 15th!

The Scuola cases are a little longer than our Piccola pouch, lined with colorful, fun cotton fabrics so your valuables stay safe, secure and won't stick to the rubber. If the fabric liner gets too dirty, don't be afraid to reverse it and hand wash in warm soapy water. The Scuola (Italian for school) is perfect to hold pens, pencils, tools, cosmetics or any knick knacks you want to keep safe...


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Why We Baby Our Wool!

Sneak Peek...
Four new wool fabrics for new winter cycling caps!

Wool is a noble material to work with.

It's been around since circa 6,000 BC. The oldest wool garment appeared around 5,000 BC. It's properties: elasticity (naturally stretches for a better fit), built-in climate control (natural insulator keeps the body warm in the winter and naturally breathable to keep the body cool in summer). Wool fibre is the original wicking fibre, tends to be water repellent and can easily absorbed 1/3 of it's weight without feeling damp.

Next to linen/cotton, we LOVE working with wool. No wonder, people have been using it for so long. One the most comfortable materials to wear next to your skin.

We maybe one of the only companies, that we know of, that babies their wool to the point of true love.

Here's what we do...

First, the wool fabric is gently immerse in a hot water bath. We do not want to 'felt' our wool. We let it soak for about an hour, no wringing and wrapping a towel to squeeze the water from it. This is not to stretch the fibre. Afterwards, we complete the shrinkage process by ironing it dry. Then it's ready to be use.

Do you think this is a little crazy?

No! We don't think so!

We want you to have the best wool cycling caps that keeps you warm and fits well for a long time!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Time to re-stock sizes for some of our cycling caps

Cut and ready to sew...
That's 26 caps on the table.

We have started to prepare our wool fabric and think about the new designs for the 3-season or winter cycling caps...

Now, we also realize that it's a good idea to re-stock sizes for some of our cycling cap models. There's two models in question: La Francaise and Routier. It depends upon our supplier having the fabric. If they don't, which could be a possibility, we may have to re-design these two models.

This weekend we'll check our supplier for the fabic...

Meanwhile, stay tune for more developments. We'll soon have many of our favorites back in stock with all sizes!