Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Le Chasseur: Linen Love

Le Chasseur
© Red Dots Cycling

Le Chasseur literally means, the hunter. In the cycling world it describes the riders in pursuit of a breakaway.

I believe every rider thinks of breaking away from the pack. Use this as a metaphor for daily life.

On a given day, when the conditions are right a rider can win and have their day in the sun.

So can you...

Le Chasseur is made from our favorite fabric, linen/cotton. The reason why we use this blend, it's very comfortable to wear. Linen is amazing renown for durability and long life. It is resistant to fungus and bacteria and breathes very well, rapidly absorbing and yielding moisture... so bring on the sweat!

This beautiful handmade cycling cap fits Medium (22" - 23") and now part of our weekly sale, available here.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Le Belge & Lion of Flanders

Flemish Pride...
Le Belge Cycling Cap!
©Red Dots Cycling

The Belgium Classics are in full mode. 

Today's cobble classic, stage 1 Three Days of de Panne was an action pack affair over 200kms many on the beloved pave in West Flanders. Peter Sagan (Liquigas) won the carefully timed sprint beating a frustrated, Jacopo Guarnieri (Astana). In fact, Guarnieri saw the Sagan freight train pass him by inches to win, he responded by banging his handlebars in anger. 

What better way to celebrate the classic season, beer and frites wouldn't hurt, than with our sturdy, handmade, Le Belge Cycling Cap on this weekly sale for $15.00 USD! 

Available here.

Flyin' high!
Lion of Flanders flag given to me 
by my friend, Steve.

Monday, 26 March 2012

maillot à pois rouges: Lucho & Café de Colombia

How many cups would that be?
Photo: Graham Watson

The winner of KOMs is traditionally given his weight of whatever
product from the sponsor. Before the final stage of the 1987 Tour, 
Luis Lucho Herrera is weighed-up for his value in coffee beans. It was perfect, a Colombian rider
wins the Café de Colombia sponsored competition! 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Early Spring, March Madness

Beside our studio...
Spring & Daffodils are calling!

Our wholesale cycling cap orders are growing.

I thought to take some time out to acknowledge and embrace it like Spring. We started having wholesale custom cap orders at ten at a time. Now, the bar is raised and we're fielding orders at 50 caps!

It certainly can be a little stressful at times but we're happily embracing it. We are thankful to have our older clients come back for our caps. And, also so exciting to have new customers for our world famous handmade cycling caps.

March is two thirds over and Richard and I are so busy producing wholesale orders. As you all know we are selling our classic black linen/cotton cap at Bench & Loom. And, another order is on our work table. 

When it's this busy we're so focused on the job that we forget other things. Richard is usually always ready for the first day of Spring, turning every clock and watch we own, forward. Not this time. He missed it, a record for him, he was taken totally by surprise. I actually noticed it first and told him.

Spring is early for us here in Vancouver, and I must admit we are late in designing our new collection. We have tons of ideas for new inner tube products and I feel that April will be... just as busy!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lombardia Time!

Classic cool...
The Lombardia is back ...for jut a week!

Today is the first day of Spring but the cool weather is far from Spring like. Cold weather riding means  staying warm and that's why we're bringing back our flashy and warm Lombardia winter cycling cap for the weekly deal!

It's made of wool/spandex for warmth and just the right amount of stretchiness you need on your rides and plus it looks soooo nice. Of course, the Lombardia fits comfortably under your helmet. Also, how about complimenting your Italian ride by including the fashionable Viva Italia Musette de Ville...  both on sale now!

Italian classic...
The fashionable Viva Italia Musette de Ville.

Monday, 19 March 2012

maillot à pois rouges: Johnny Hoogerland

The Bull of Beveland, five days in KOMs.
Photo: Bettini

Courageous and brave is what Johnny Hoogerland is. "The Bull of Beveland" made a comeback after a horrific crash on stage 6, 2011 Tour. A French television car knocked him and Juan Antonio Flecha off their bikes, with Hoogerland flying into a barbed wire fence. Hoogerland got up, bleeding and bravely made it to the finish to claim the KOMs jersey, standing on the podium with blood dripping down his legs and tears dripping down his cheeks.

Friday, 16 March 2012

The Spring Classic!

We're busy working on our new Spring cycling caps and we're looking forward to the 103rd Milan-SanRemo... the Spring Classic (la classica di Primavera)!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Our Classic Cycling Cap at Bench & Loom

We are excited to have our classic linen/cotton black cycling cap available at Bench & Loom, part of their Cycling Specialty Shop.

Their Cycling Shop is open for a limited time from March to April 30.

Bench & Loom has unique hard-to-find pedigree apparel brands for men. Our classic cycling cap 'fits' in well as a legend in the making.

Go on and check out our classic cycling cap at Bench & Loom!

Monday, 12 March 2012

maillot à pois rouges: Jelle Vanendert

Belgian, Jelle Vanendert on top of the Galibier, 2011 Tour de France.
Wearer of the KOMs for five stages, third in the classification.
Photo: Michael Steele

Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Grateful Day!

How about gratitude today?

I'd like to take the time to offer our warm thanks to all our customers and especially to our wholesale customers. The Winter rush is over and the Spring rush hasn't started. Thankfully, we have many wholesale orders on the table. It's always wonderful to have new orders, better when your clients understand our vision. It is so empowering when someone you don't know, gives us carte blanche on their order. They definitely understand our vision.

I'm giving a Gold Star to our wonderful wholesale clients; both new and old!


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Littlest Cycling Caps

Bella! Isabella!
photos courtesy bettybhandari

It started when our Vancouver friends asked us to produce kid's cycling caps for their two kids. They loved them.

We thought why not make a few more and test them out at craft shows. Surprisingly, the interest was lukewarm, hard to say, it could be lack of publicity or wrong market. Carolle and I decided to shelf the idea.

A short while ago, our friends in the UK, Jason and Betty asked us if we can custom size two caps for their daughter Isabella. The caps are exactly the same high quality as our adult caps except smaller. We shipped them off to have Jason and Betty determine if the cap size was right. Not only the right size, look how fabulous it looks on her! We see a future potential cyclist here!

We proudly make custom cycling caps size: 19 1/2" right up to 26". Starting cost per cap is $32 USD  depending upon fabric availability. Just contact us with your questions:

Isabella looks so wonderful with the custom children's cycling caps and at eight months going to nine will ride with her dad and mom looking every bit like a cyclist.

She definitely is our youngest customer and she receives our gold award for best looking with our custom cycling caps!


photo: Red Dots Cycling

Friday, 2 March 2012

maillot à pois rouges: Sammy Sanchez

Le Triomphe du maillot à pois rouges, 2011 Tdf.
Sammy Sanchez won the grueling stage to Luz Ardiden and 
captured KOMs classification!