Friday, 16 October 2015

TGIF: New Lanterne Rouge Cycling Cap & Custom pink polk dots

Lanterne Rouge Cycling Cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

We firmly believe the last place rider in the Tour de France deserves special distinction. Introducing our new Lanterne Rouge cycling cap! 

Bernard Hinault (first) & Gerhard Schonbacher (lanterne rouge),
1979 Tour de France

He may be the last place finisher but to hang in every stage and finish before the time cut, well he's as just important as the first guy. The Tour de France organizers admired that rider since 1903. The name hails from the red lanterns that used to hand from the caboose of railway cars. It means the last placed rider, not of failure but is a symbol of success. We believe it's the French way;  love for the tough underdog and always fighting to the finish. 

For the lanterne rouge can be payday. He will be invited to the many post Tour criteriums as these criteriums pay the riders to participate. For an unknown, lowly paid professional rider, in those days - it could be very lucrative for this rider to come last and make double his salary in a couple weeks. There was plenty of drama in the back of the peloton with riders racing for the coveted last place spot. Riders would hide behind cars, they'd hide behind bridges just to lose a few seconds and take last place.

Svein Tuft was the first Canadian rider to win the honor in 2013 knowing how to suffer, getting over the mountains and not quitting the Tour.

We proudly present the Lanterne Rouge made from Linen/cotton in the color porto. Embroidered lanterne rouge design to signify that you will never quit!

Our latest custom cap for Brian's little girl...

Thanks Brian and you're welcome!

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