Monday, 13 April 2015

Keeping it classic and simple

photo Red Dots Cycling

A common goal when designing our caps is to keep it classic and simple. Our Urbane Rider, Tempo, Cappello Nero and L'enfer du Nord are examples that don't really scream out as the typical cycling cap; no bold colors or racy stripes. We know some of our customers don't want to look like they are heading out for a race, preferring to have a cap that blends in the background. Our caps are handmade   with quality construction using quality fabrics such as linen/cotton and wool. I prefer to wear my Urbane Rider out riding and also wear it on errands or just hanging out. In fact, today I returned from shopping with it. I, like many of our customers, prefer to keep it classic and simple.

Our classic caps here.

Urbane Rider
photo Red Dots Cycling


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