Friday, 26 September 2014

TGIF: NEW! Falling for Mont Royal Fall Cycling Cap & More Custom Cycling Caps

Falling for Mont Royal
photo Red Dots Cycling

We are very proud to introduce our newest....

Falling for Mont Royal Cycling Cap!

As Fall is now upon us and a certain change in weather has started, we look to one of our favorite cites and race; the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal for inspiration. Specifically the iconic climb on the beautiful Mont Royal. Fall means cooler temperatures and we design this handmade cycling cap to suit that need. Made from pre-washed 100% woven, soft light wool with colors of grey, blue and a hint of rust. Also, we pre-wash a 100% cotton wicking band to absorb moisture. And, we made this cap to fit comfortably under a helmet for that important warm layering.  Note; fashionably made to wear off the bike... just to chill in. 

Now available here

Pattern detail of the woven 100% wool &
embroidered 'rd' logo
photo Red Dots Cycling

Our second installment of custom cycling caps...

3Cross Brewing Company, Raiment Bicycle Life & Rose Physical Therapy Group
photo Red Dots Cycling

Here's today's feature of our custom cycling caps we proudly made for... 

a. 3Cross Brewing Company, Worcester, Massachusetts (Bikes and beer what a natural combination.)

b. Raiment Bicycle Life, Vancouver (Bicycle shop).

c. Rose Physical Therapy Group, Washington, DC (Sports therapy group).

If you are seriously interested and require fine handmade cycling caps to complete your group, team or shop we can most likely help you designing and creating a classic and unique cycling cap. Just email me to discuss specifics:  



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