Friday, 22 August 2014

TGIF: A Look At Some Of Our Custom Caps - Guvnors' Assembly Caps In Zurich, Raiment Bicycle Life & Café Roubaix

Looking fine!
The gents, wearing the custom Guvnors' Assembly cap, in Zurich.
courtesy Guvnors Assembly

Carolle and I are so proud of all of our custom cycling caps, here's a few of them that are also available for purchase...

We decided to keep the popular Guvnors' Assembly custom cap on our site for purchase. 

Over the upcoming days, we will be posting many more of our custom cycling caps.

Raiment Bicycle Life, Vancouver...

Raiment cycling cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

Café Roubaix Bicycles, Cochrane Alberta...
Café Roubaix Bicycles cycling cap
photo Red Dots Cycling


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