Friday, 25 April 2014

TGIF: The New Il Campionissimo Cycling Cap, Custom Colombian Caps & Operation: Fresh Air

IL Campionissimo Cycling Cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

We love making custom caps. Our latest new addition, Il Campionissimo, was inspired from an Australian customer some time ago. We wrestled with the idea of an all white cap - and decided to go for it. White is a new color for us, outside our comfort zone because we love muted, darker and plaid. But it really makes sense, the summer sun is harsh and riding a bike can be daunting. White is reflective and linen/cotton wicks moisture better than cotton alone and also provides cooling and comfort. The aqua ribbon is near identical to a famous Italian frame builder and cycling star - you get the picture. And, to keep with our tradition a black version is forthcoming.


Thanks Jeffrey!

Here's a lovely treasury including our King Dutch Cap just in time for tomorrow's King's Day in the Netherlands!

On the work table...

The Colombians are coming!
photo Red Dots Cycling

We received our new batch of Colombian ribbon from Klaus of cyclinginquistion. Unique because Klaus gets the ribbon from Colombia and ships it to us for placement on his custom caps due soon.

Working from home is wonderful...

It's working well!
photo Red Dots Cycling

Q: What happens when a chain smoker moves next door? 

A: You go and purchase an air purifier!

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