Friday, 21 March 2014

TGIF: Tifosi Cycling Cap - La Primavera, Thanks To Our Suppliers & What's On Our Work Table

photo Red Dots Cycling

Honoring the first day of Spring, I took out my Tifosi cycling cap for an Italian spin. Milan San Remo is this Sunday, pick up yours and show your love and support for Italian racing.

Tifosi Cycling Cap.

On our work table.
photo Red Dots Cycling.

This is what's on our work table, at the moment. As you may have guess, there's something 
'Dutch' in the air. The other cap is a special Aqua ribbon cap. That's two new cycling caps coming soon.

It's been a very crazy, zany, busy week. Sometimes designing new caps and custom caps can be stressful. Our week was everything but production, there's a whole other side to it. There's planning, designing, sourcing out material, in fact, one of our customers asked us for the particular color ribbon for their custom cap. It took time. Between the research online, emailing back and forth - it would be easier if we can just go to ONE supplier for everything. Not so. We discover our best friend is our suppliers. Our suppliers are key to running an efficient small business. As our business has grown, we are at the point now, that we can fulfil the minimums to qualify from our suppliers. Thank you to our suppliers!

One things for sure, production will be full on starting Monday!


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