Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Classic... Flandrien Cycling Cap

Flandrien cycling cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

We love the classic season with a particular fondness for the grittiness for the Belgian riders called Flandriens. The foul Flemish weather, cobbles strewn roads are the perfect setting to produce a type of rider that accepts self-sacrifice and grim suffering in glory. In the past, we had a few Belgian cycling cap variations and this time around Carolle and I re-designed a true classic... Flandrien Cycling Cap!

With the aid of our wonderful embroidery machine, we create a custom embroidered detail in honor to a ...Flandrien.

Our custom embroidered detail.
Photo Red Dots Cycling

It is made from pre-washed linen/cotton for a comfortable wearing cycling cap. We sew in a pre-washed 100% cotton wicking band - so please go ahead and sweat over the cobbles. And, lastly no Flandrien is not complete without the Belgium light blue under brim.

Be inspired, ride hard, embrace your inner... Flandrien!


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