Monday, 3 February 2014

Combat the Cold with the Tierra Fria

photo Red Dots Cycling

If there is one thing we (here in the northern hemisphere) can share is ... winter is still around. Even  here in pleasant Vancouver, the cold is taking us on. Minus 7C for a low and just above freezing during the day can mean riding without a winter cycling cap can spell ...COLD! Whilst the rest of Canada and parts of the US are bundling up. I happily say that relief is in sight! 

If you are a fan of Colombian cycling (ie. Nairo Quintana or Lucho Herrera) and admire high quality handmade wool cycling caps, then our handmade custom Colombian wool cycling caps are for you. The winter caps are available from Klaus at cycling inquisition. If you haven't read his superb blog, may I suggest you do. Enjoy it along with a Tierra Fria!

You can purchase the Winter Cap (Tierra Fria) here.


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