Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fight the Polar Vortex with our Winter Cycling Caps

Weather forecasters are predicting the 'polar vortex freeze' is back for central, eastern Canada. Many parts of North America is currently gripped in Winter's icy grasp. That means bone-chilling cold. How about one of our all Wool (and warm) winter cycling caps? We use 100% Italian wool in our: L'Enfer du Nord, Black Sheep and Release the Hounds-tooth caps. All of our winter cycling caps are adapted for your winter rides or pretty much anything you do outdoors. We know that our winter caps are used for equestrian riding fitting well under the helmet. Oh, they also are made to fit comfortably under a cycling helmet ...safety, comfort and looks!

Beat the polar vortex freeze with some 'Hell'
L'Enfer du Nord winter cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

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