Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Now Available At Hors Catégorie: Summer and Winter Caps and Wintry Thoughts

Just in!
photo courtesy Hors Catégorie

We are very proud and excited our cycling caps are now available from Hors Catégorie in Montréal!

Co-owner of the Montréal cycle shop, Fred Landry, posted this wonderful photo our new crop of Summer and Winter cycling caps. 

After I tweeted with him, I'm happy to discover that our winter caps will also do double duty as X-country ski caps! Now, why didn't we think of that? So, with that in mind let's go further...

Carolle lived in Montréal, years ago, and she wished she had a winter cap on to walk her dog, Amy, in wintry Parc Lafontaine. I can attest to that, having lived in Montréal and endured their rather cold winters. I remember laboriously shoveling my stranded car out from 6 ft high snow bank. I must admit I never encountered that much snow growing up in Edmonton. A winter cap like ours, would've worked very well indeed.

If you live in or around Montréal, or plan on visiting that beautiful city, then go and say hi to the friendly staff of Hors Catégorie and buy one of our cycling caps that can be use for X-country skiing, walking your dog or just hanging out in!

1833 rue Dandurand


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