Sunday, 20 October 2013

First Look: Raiment Cycling Clothing

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Yesterday, I decided to see our cycling caps, now available at the new Raiment Cycling Clothing (247 W. Broadway, Vancouver).

I walked into the new location about 4-times the size of the old shop formerly at Musette Caffe, and saw our well displayed cycling caps.

Our summer/fall/winter caps...

Raiment is on busy W. Broadway and I believe it has the right cycling exposure front and center next to their  headquarters, La Bicicletta Pro Shop.

I had a nice chat with the friendly clerk and I'm proud to hear that our caps are both admired for their design and the importance they are locally produced. The same words echoed to me by owner, Kevin. 

Next door to La Bicicletta Pro Shop...

I invite you to go visit Raiment Cycling Clothing and try on one of our Summer/Fall/Winter cycling caps - you'll want to add a few to your cycling kit. 

A footnote: After my visit to Raiment I immediately posted on our Facebook page and shortly afterwards Chris posted, 'Just came in and picked up a winter cap. Cozy!'

Thanks and enjoy your winter cap Chris!

A huge wall size Fausto warmly greets you!


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