Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fall in with Warm Caps

Red Hunting winter cycling cap...
beware you may get the hankering to chop wood
or go hunting!
photo Red Dots Cycling

This morning, a customer asked us...

This is not the first time, many customers have asked us to produce a wool cap without earflaps. We responded with the new Fall caps: Flemish Fall and Presta Fall. I have tested the Flemish Fall wool cap and it breathes and keeps me warm when the temps hover close to the single digits. The Flemish Fall works for me, for when it's not too cold to switch to the winter cap.

Flemish Fall cycling cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

If you like to have that extra protection around the ears and upper neck - then go with the full winter cap with earflap because winter is around the corner. 

So, we have you covered - new Fall caps for when it gets chilly and full winter caps when it gets downright cold!

Fall in...



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