Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Moving To A New (SKA) Beat & Tricolore Corsa Rosa

Adding 3 embroidered white dots.
All Photos: Red Dots Cycling

We have been busy adding some refinements to two of our popular cycling caps...

Introducing the new extra cool SKA -licious cycling cap!

Keeping with the basic SKA colors - black and white strong stripe and under brim we added our new embroidered 2-tone logo with white dots. And, we made it from linen/cotton because it wicks very well, is antibacterial and is comfortable to wear. Oh, and go ahead and sweat-we sew in a 100% cotton wicking band.

Ride, sweat and groove to the Beat!

Two-tone racing stripe ready to go!

Sweat to the beat!
100% cotton wicking band.

Keeping it Italian...

Viva la Corsa Rosa with the new Italian tricolore embroidered logo!
photo Red Dots Cycling

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