Friday, 12 July 2013

TGIF: tdf 100 Wallet featured on minimalwallet & nous aimons le Tour!

Our new tdf 100 Piccola Wallet
photo Red Dots Cycling

This morning we received an email from Dave of minimal wallet, "an independent site and not affiliated with any individual manufacturer." We are happy he showcased our new tdf 100 Piccola inner tube wallet on his site.

'We love wallets that are not only minimal, well designed and most importantly look good. You have to live with your wallet 8 - 10 hours a day, so love it and carry it with pride.'

Thanks Dave.

La Francaise.

We are almost finished production and will re-stock the popular La Francaise cycling caps!  

Congratulations, today, to Mark Cavendish for winning his 25th Tour stage and for keeping the tradition of wearing the cycling cap alive and well! Here's Cav post-stage and looking great - on twitter we love the hashtag... #capsnothats

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