Friday, 7 June 2013

TGIF: Pfaff Time!

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We have been Pfaff Again!

Thanks to Sabine of Pfaff on Granville for a few goodies we picked up yesterday!

When we bought our dream machine, we had a bag of goodies as part of a special promotion. I'm excited to discover  a box of 12 huge spools of embroidery thread. Any sewer knows that one can never have enough of thread! 

The special bonus promotion I received with my Pfaff Creative 3.0!

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And not to mention the Pfaff exclusive scissor collection!

I'm in Pfaff heaven! I don't know all the specific tools, but I'll soon happily, figure it out. One thing is that I do admire the Pfaff craftsmanship! It's always fun to visit the Pfaff store. They have so many goodies and have extended their line of sewing machines. Sabine is most welcoming and she gives demos on all of the machines. And, she also encourages you to try the machine. The Pfaff display is worth a look showcasing most of their wonderful machines throughout their history. 

When I purchased my embroidery machine, I mentioned to Sabine that I wanted another machine just for rubber... and MAYBE they would have an older machine for me to use. Well, Sabine quickly said that they would find an old machine for me. I didn't want anything too new, I wanted an all-metal tank of a machine, to replace my old beloved Singer Fashionmate.

When I picked up my bag of goodies I was surprised in what was waiting for me! It's a Pfaff model 96! It is an older machine and I tried to find out the origin of the machine online. What a wonderful machine it is! Made in West Germany all mechanical and built like a Panzer. I have tested some rubber and it will be perfect!

Along with my serger and embroidery machine - I'm extremely happy to have another Pfaff in my family! 

Thanks to Sabine of Pfaff on Granville for her expert help and to make it easier for me to find my dream machine!

Part of the amazing machines on display!

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Sabine points out the details of my new Pfaff type 96!
Photo Red Dots Cycling


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