Saturday, 22 June 2013

TGIF: Summer Sale, Achtung Panzer! & Ready with Velcro for Rubber Week!

In preparation with rubber week,  we have been using our new Pfaff 96 sewing machine.

It's fabulous. The older metal machines are meant to sew through virtually anything... built tough like a Panzer. That is the new nickname of our new beloved Pfaff sewing machine. It's well made, sturdy and made to work efficiently for many years. It's difficult to pinpoint the exact year of the 96. There is not enough information online to make a positive id. One clue is the 'Made in West Germany' label on the back of the machine.

Achtung Panzer!
photo Red Dots Cycling

Made in 'Western Germany'.
photo Red Dots Cycling

Built tough like a Panzer.

We already started with first prep of the new and improved inner tube wallet. Richard has cleaned and cut the tubes for me to sew the fabric. We will have a more detailed post on our new wallet upcoming!

Love Velcro!
photo: Red Dots Cycling

We love Velcro. We use quite a lot of it in our wallets. There's something magical about the common fastener. It comes as a two-piece loop and hook and mates naturally to form a tight closure. We have a new supplier and purchase two rolls to last for quite sometime. And, the price couldn't be beat!

Our Spring Sale is now our Summer Sale on selected caps, pouches and wallets. We decided to extend our 25-40% Off Sale while quantities last!

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