Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Venga! Venga! New Cycling Cap - New Feature

Venga! Venga!
All photos: Red Dots Cycling

Here's some images with the new Venga! Venga! cycling cap on my morning ride.

A good morning ride to test our new 100% cotton hat trim that acts as a wicking head band. It works, very well soaking up sweat. Our cycling caps keep revolving with this new feature. We pre-washed the trim to make sure it was color fast (no dye residue) and to check shrinkage. A good thing we did this test - it did shrink. So, now our customers can enjoy the new hat trim with no dye transfer and go ahead and sweat into it -  it won't shrink on you!

The new 100% cotton hat trim.
All photos: Red Dots Cycling

The Venga! Venga! is comfy, stretches perfectly due to the wool/polyester blend fabric. This morning a cool wind confronted me and I was glad that the Venga! Venga! is partly wool, to keep my head warm. I love the design, brown/black/beige plaid, a nice 1 inch chocolate brown stripe with a hint of that Basque orange.

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