Friday, 24 May 2013

TGIF: First cap made from our new Pfaff, new Logo & How to wear a cycling cap by Gianni Bugno,

Cappello Nero Rosso
photo: Red Dots Cycling

TGIF time!

We just made our very first small run of Cappello Nero Rosso caps on our new Pfaff machine!

We love it! The machine is fast and works so efficiently that we believe we will save in production time. The New Nero Rosso's are now in stock.

Carolle is busy working on a Red Dots Cycling logo design destined to be embroidered. I can't reveal it until it's finalize. So, we are at the fine tuning stage and it's progressing well.

We think highly of Gianni Bugno, former world champion (twice in 1991 & 1992), stage winner in all Grand Tours and classic winner. He is a cool guy and remains in cycling as a RAI TV helicopter pilot and president of CPA (Association of Professional Cyclists). We love this video of the former world champ revealing 'how to wear a cycling cap.'

I think he would look even better with one of our caps!

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