Friday, 19 April 2013

TGIF: Venga! Venga! Cycling Cap, Tempo/Paris-Roubaix are back & Singer Fashionmate Update.

Richard with the new Venga! Venga! wool polyester
cycling cap!
photo: ReddotsCycling

Due to increasing demand for a lite wool blend three season cycling cap, here it is...

This is our new cycling cap called, Venga! Venga! It's a wool polyester brown/black plaid, comfortable enough to wear during Autumn, Spring and perhaps during summer. Wool has natural properties keeps you warm in cool temperatures and breathes well when it's warm.

What does Venga! Venga! mean? Crazed Basque cycling fans yell, 'Come on, Come on!' when they see their favorite cyclists ride by. Think of the Tour of the Basque Country or any race wherever the Basque based Euskatel team is riding. Along with a chocolate brown stripe we add a hint of Basque Orange to show our allegiance. This is a sneak peak look and we plan to go into production next week.

Also, we are working on re-stocking our favorite 3-season cycling caps. We now have ample stock on two favorites; Tempo and Paris-Roubaix!

My beloved Singer Fashionmate 257 is currently in the Singer ER. At this point, there's little chance for survival as I keep my fingers crossed for good news. I need to look at options for another sewing machine. It's emotional, I've had it since 1972 without a glitch. I'll found out next week as to the prognosis.

Our indiegogo campaign is about to hit $1000! Imagine what we can do with a new embroidery sewing machine on our new Venga! Venga! cycling cap!

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