Friday, 5 April 2013

TGIF: Over a Week & Vancouver's New Bike Station

New and free

Our indiegogo embroidered cycling cap campaign has taking more time than we anticipated.

We haven't had the time to relaxed. It's emotionally exciting and draining. It's like a full time job maintaining it; answering questions and taking care of the social media side. We are juggling many balls and we are the middle of a huge production for custom cycling caps. The feedback has been very positive. Since launching our embroidered cap project our online sales have doubled. Which is very good. Also, lots of exposure on other cycling posts - very grateful for this. If you missed it's here and here.

It's now over a week since our launch and we would like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback.

We have 34 days remaining... our campaign just started so contribute and share our link!

Interesting news from our fair city...

The power of the bike speaks tomorrow with a new bike repair station opening in Vancouver. We support this idea...

“This is awesome, we should have more of these in the city”, says student and avid cyclist GP Mendoza, “they open up future potential for cyclists of all ages and abilities”. Having access to tools for free, as well as being near a high-traffic bike route, will benefit and ease the ride of anyone with a bike.

The two bike stations will be at the Woodwards Atrium and Science World (next to the free air pump).

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