Monday, 8 April 2013

SOS Singer Sewing Machine with Help From Jen & Jim

It's so important to have friends to count on, in a time of need.

This past weekend, we were reminded how good our friends are. We worked on Paris-Roubaix Sunday, waking early at 4 AM for the exciting race. The day started early enough. Joey was over to work on his costume for his upcoming play. So, time was divided between his project and our ongoing huge custom cap order.

My Singer had been purring along, like it already does. Then suddenly, I noticed a muffled sound that reminded me that I needed to perform some maintenance. The sound grew consistent and loud. To my horror after lifting the top lid I discovered one of the gears was broken in half! Probably the only piece of plastic in this almost all metal Singer 257 sewing machine.

I had to quickly make a decision. Again, by this time my day was rather long and I'm tired so the thought of not having my sewing machine working (this is the first time ever) to finish my order didn't quite cause a panic. I was cool as a cucumber and I contacted my friends Jim and Jen for help. I've known these two for a long time, true friends. We've done so many crazy things together even crossing Canada, in three days in a snow storm, in a pick up truck.

Jen was so nice and invited us over to pick up her machine. She had it ready to go and showed me how to thread it. Now I can finish my custom cap order on time...

Thanks to the power of two good friends... Jen and Jim!

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