Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cool Blue for Ride Studio Cafe

Looking cool blue

Here's our latest custom cycling caps made exclusively for Ride Studio Cafe of Lexington, MA.

We have made the black cap in the past, and they liked it so much they ordered more. It's a classic. Ride Studio Cafe has been one of our long term clients now and their logo is a beautiful teal blue. It's hard to match this color, and it's a challenge to find it.

Last year, we first discovered this fabric by chance, whilst shopping for winter fabric. The teal blue is so beautiful we decided to buy it. We bought the remaining amount of fabric from the store in the hope of using it for a cycling cap. It's made of linen/cotton. So, when RSC contacted us for a blue cycling cap, well we had it and pitched it to them and they ordered it.

You know when things are aligned so right... it works. The new cycling cap looks so fine!

Our custom cycling caps for Ride Studio Cafe.

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