Monday, 29 April 2013

Introducing the New, Venga! Venga! Cycling Cap

Our new Venga! Venga! cycling cap
Photo: Red Dots Cycling

The production of our newest 3-season cycling cap is finished, the Venga! Venga! cycling cap is now available on our website!

We love the enthusiastic Basque cycling fans screaming, 'Venga! Venga! (Come on, Come on!) to their cycling heroes. We love their enthusiasm for cycling.

VENGA! VENGA!... Forever!

Cycling writer, Rein van de Wouw said it so well of the Basque cycling fans, "And so these boisterous, passionate, intense individuals come to the bike races, to their natural home of the mountains which are the proving ground of the hard climbers. They don't have a word for God: he is simply "the Lord of the high place". Like brigands, they colonize the roads, crowd the approaches, commandeer the heights - and they party, booze, sing and laugh, sometimes sitting in lines on the tarmac to perform their strange rowing ritual. And when the riders appear, they jostle and wave their big flags and roar them through."

This beautiful lite wool polyester plaid cycling cap is good looking to wear on and off the bike. With a touch of Orange we're closer to the Basque cycling fans!

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