Friday, 1 March 2013

TGIF: Labels and Red Bean Buns

We are in the final stages of designing a new label for our cycling caps.

Carolle is busy fine tuning and testing the design in the computer and it's looking damn good. Our little rubber label does not cut it anymore and we decided to pursue a better option to label our cycling caps. Brand identity is important.

We have tried different options and recently discovered a new method. So far, the inkjet direct printing on fabric is the best by far. The major problem is we have many differently named cycling caps and it's costly to have all the labels made. There's too many variables for each cap; content and name. So, we will present the winner... on a upcoming post!

Now for something extremely delicious...

Carolle has been making red bean buns and this time she nailed it down. I grew up eating them and Carolle attempted making the delicacies. She loves to make it from scratch, red beans into paste and dough.

I'm proud of her, nowhere near any Quebecois dish!

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