Monday, 4 March 2013

Introducing Our New Cycling Cap Label

photo: Red Dots Cycling

As our little company is expanding we are always looking for ways to improve on how we are making our products.

Introducing our new cycling cap label!

We researched endlessly from different hang tags, woven labels and direct heat press inside the garment. Our first choice was a woven label. The problem is the quantity to order. Our products are different and we only make small runs so we don't want to be stuck with thousands of labels. Embroidered labels would be nice but for us it's important to have 20-100 labels we can change and custom to each product.

What is important for us to include on our label is the name of the product, fabric content and how to care for it.

A big order for a small label!

After many trials, we figured the best for us is inkjet printing on fabric. This is a popular technique used among quilters. A positive is this allows us to have 100% control of what we want on the label and make as many as we require. We tested the new labels and they are totally color safe, they will not fade or shrink. This looks like a winner for us.

With sadness, we will let go of our recycled rubber labels on our caps. Sometimes, in order to go forward one has to let go of the old ways of doing things...

Onward and upwards!

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