Saturday, 5 January 2013

500 Recycled Bike Inner Tubes, and Counting!

Back from the local bike shop
with raw tubes and with plenty of hard work we turn
it into...

We realized that we have passed the 500th recycled bike inner tube used in our popular rubber products. That's a milestone.

When we first started Red Dots Cycling, we thought it would be fun to use re-cycled material for our products.

The reality is when it comes to fabric, many companies are already making garments out of re-cycled fabric. In fact, it's difficult to find and if you can find the material it's usually not fit to make a cycling cap. We tried to make caps out of old denim, suitings and shirts. It was fun to make but not a reliable source of fabric to build our cycling cap business. The only option is to purchase new fabrics, pre-wash before making cycling caps.

There must be another plentiful, re-cycled material to use?

Richard requested a pouch to hold keys, money and tools on his rides.

So, we came up with the idea of rubber bike inner tubes from bike stores. A sustainable practice that makes sense. We are happy and proud to be using re-cycled bike inner tubes  that would be destined for a long time in the landfill. But, it requires a lot of work to get it, secure it, wash it, cut, and produce. Many companies have approached us for our rubber inner tube products to sell in their stores.

We looked long and hard and having sold our products for the last two years at a low price it was time for a price change. We are thankful it's a free material. When Richard returns with bags full there are often surprises. It does come from a bike shop and it's always dirty or really dirty. We often find rust, oil, grease, and that annoying no-flat goo to prevent flats. And of course that allergic white powder inside every tube. What this means, there is many hours of prep before we go into production. Cleaning that is!

So, this is why we have raise the price of our popular inner tube products to cover our costs and time. They are all one of a kind, fun, well-made and now available in many stores in Manchester UK, Ontario and Oregon!

... fun, innovative products!

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