Friday, 7 December 2012

TGIF: Return of the Colombians & Port Mann Free Toll

Half inch Colombian love for a new
custom cycling cap.

It's Friday and good news the Colombians are back!

What does that mean?

Klaus of Cycling Inquisition has just contacted us with the very good news that his beloved grandmother sent him more Colombian ribbon. He is interested to place another order for more Colombian custom cycling caps. We are currently working out the details and we can't wait to start production.

And, we had a custom order request to make a special run of Colombian cycling caps. It's fun that both of these orders are coming to us at the same time. A coincidence? Or call it the revenge of the Colombians.

Our client sent us tiny 1/2 inch Colombian ribbon and requested a black cap with either red or blue under brim. The ribbon will be placed just like our La Francaise cycling cap on top of the brim.

This is going to be fun as our studio will show the Colombian colors!

The new Port Mann bridge.
Photo: Kim Seale, News1130.

We live in Vancouver and once in a while, we like to travel across the Port Mann Bridge to get to one of our fabric suppliers. On our rare trip, today, we discovered that the new Port Mann Bridge is up and open. As we drove nearer there were signs that this huge bridge will be a toll bridge starting December 8th!

So we had a free crossing today and we admired the new bridge. It's beautiful really, eight lanes wide the new Port Mann bridge is said to be the second longest bridge in North America and the widest in the world. We're just going to avoid using it and use the old Pattullo bridge when necessary.

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