Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Fun Affair... The Women's Winter Faire.

Our famous selling Scuola!
Red Dots Cycling

When it comes to our cycling caps, I work with cyclists. I was so happy to discover, after this past weekend's Women's Winter Faire, that people love to wear our winter caps to stay warm and fashionable walking around town. They are not only for cycling.

Before the show, Richard and I wasn't sure if the Scuola Pouch would be an item for us to continue producing. It wasn't selling as well as the other items and we wanted to introduce new rubber products. After this weekend, I'm having doubts. People were going crazy and in love with the Scuola pouch. Before Sunday, I had to take seven Scuola's off from our website. Well, they sold and now I have only two left. We will decide soon whether it returns, perhaps with a glass of wine to make the decision process easier.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to see so many Francophone vendors. My friend Helene, Chicachicdesign, was a vendor and ceramic artist, Micheline Claret of L'Atelier De Poterie. I learned that Micheline and her partner, Jean-Marie is retiring after 40 years producing beautiful ceramic pieces. Sadly, this was their last craft show. I could not help myself and bought two wonderful coffee mugs. I wish Micheline and Jean-Marie a happy retirement.

This was my first show by myself. It was an interesting show. In fact, the 19th edition and the organizers are already talking of a huge 20th anniversary show for next year.

I had fantastic response for my knit wear, almost selling out. That means, I'll have the extra money to buy lots and lots of yarn.

Thanks to Pat and all the volunteers for making this show a success, I plan to return next December!

Jean-Mariee & Micheline

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