Friday, 16 November 2012

TGIF: Flemish and Women's Winter Faire

Happy to have more Flemish wool.

Carolle is still recovering from last weekend's Make it Show with flu!

As she convalesces, I'm holding the fort and have returned from our fabric supplier with ample wool to make another run of Flemish winter caps. Also, I picked up a nice supply of our popular linen/cotton, superb fabric that we use in our famous all-black Cappello da Ciclismo Nero cap and Cappello Nero Rosso cycling cap.

All Black linen/cotton,
Cappello da Ciclismo Nero!

Our next show is the Women's Winter Faire, December 15-16 at the Heritage Hall on 3102 Main Street, Vancouver. Carolle will be doing this one solo but she will have plenty of set-up help from me. This Women's Faire features; BC women artisans and craftswomen.

Have a good weekend!

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