Monday, 12 November 2012

Make It Show a Success

Folks followed our 'Bike' sign to see us!

The Make it Show was a success!

The winter caps was the star of the show. And the feedback was incredible. A lot of our customers were first-time buyers. And here is some of the testimonials...

a. Well made.
b. Fit well.
c. Glad that they are made in Vancouver.
d. Great fabric
e. Cool looking.

We couldn't agree more!

It was packed. About 9000 eager shoppers came through the doors and we are so glad there's two of us working. After the first day, sales was discouraging and we wondered if craft shows was worth it. Well, as the second, third and fourth days passed we quickly changed our minds. The sales picked up. And, what also was valuable is the feedback from folks. To have an on-line business is one thing, direct contact with our customers is also very important.

We want to thank Jenna and Chandler and all the folks for stopping by our booth... looks like we'll be back next year!

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