Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Update

Andy Hampsten's frgid Gavia stage,
1988 Giro.

We are finally recovering from the worst case flu (we ever had) and started producing another winter cap run.

The winter caps that are in production are...

Petit Breton, Red Hunting, L'Enfer du Nord, Fleche Wallonne and Flemish.

Rotten timing that it struck us during our busiest time of the season. As we see our popular winter cap stocks rapidly depleting ...we have to act.

Sadly, our famous Brits cap is out of stock. One last chance, this Friday, we will attempt to look for the fabric at our supplier.

This year has been overwhelming for our winter caps. The response is amazing. We would like to thank everyone for buying our winter caps. You will enjoy a warm ride this winter!

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