Friday, 12 October 2012

TGIF: Rubber Madness & Joong

First phase: cutting 
La Piccola Wallets.

When most of us are thinking of Halloween, we are knee-deep in preparing for Christmas!

This is the first part of our 'Rubber Madness', preparing for the Blue Monster sewing machine that will be with us starting tomorrow. The above image is a numerous amount of La Piccola Wallets in the first phase of cutting.

In preparation for Rubber Madness, Carolle decided to make Joong, a Chinese delicacy of sweet rice wrapped in banana leaves. I'm proud of her as she is probably the only non-asian, Quebecoise that knows how to make this delicacy. I'll bet my last penny on this. It takes a few hours to prepare but once ready takes minutes to cook and makes a delicious lunch. I'll help her with the prep, so check out Carolle's post on ...Joong.

Have a great Friday!

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