Friday, 5 October 2012

TGIF: Locomotive Clothing, Bicycling & Thanks-Giving!

TGIF, and for a good reason...

It has been a very busy week at Red Dots Cycling HQs as we're fully in our rubber inner tube production. Carolle is busy on the sewing machine and I'm feeling a little under the weather, nursing a cold. However, I'm managing the all engrossing computer work which is enough for me.

Last evening, we had a wonderful meeting with Aaron and Jay of Locomotive Clothing Co. They are a local clothing company offering unique and very original designs on screenprinted tshirts and clothing. I had met Jay on a recent FRFuggitivi Sunday ride and, of course, we chatted about what we both do. Call it serendipity. Last week, a potential client emailed us about producing cycling caps, with their logo of their cycling team. Enter Locomotive Clothing and the picture suddenly got better. We are in the early stages and a collaboration is in the works.

Red Hunting wool winter cycling cap

Thanks to Jennifer Sherry for the fantastic feature, '12 Stylish Cycling Caps' on showcasing our Brits winter cycling cap. Today, Michael from the US purchased the Red Hunting wool cap and left this wonderful comment ...

Saw the shop on Bicycling Magazine. I've been looking for a gorgeous cap like this for years.

The full feature will be in November's issue of Bicycling Magazine. We can't wait to get our copy!

We will be enjoying Thanksgiving long weekend and Monday is our holiday, so that means orders won't be ship until Tuesday.

Have a very good riding weekend everyone!

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