Thursday, 4 October 2012

Rubber Fetish: 3 Bags Full

...and 3 Bags Full!

We have a rubber fetish!

I just returned from Our Community Bikes where Jesse graciously provided us with an ample supply of free used inner tubes. We'll recycle it and do our part to keep this rubber out of the landfill. This important rubber inner tubes will go into our La Piccola Wallets, Piccolo Pouch and a new product (that's a secret).

We're busy making the Piccolo Pouch with new fun fabrics. This new supply of tubes will be put into good use. I'll start off by choosing the right tubes for production, then washing them and then the production stage. We want to be finish at the end of October and have products for our website and the upcoming Make It Show in November.

Jesse was the perfect host as he piled me with bag after bag, inviting me back if I run out. This may happen sooner than later.

We are proud and happy to work alongside OCB, a local community merchant. Many thanks to Jesse of Our Community Bikes for the used inner tubes!

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