Friday, 7 September 2012

TGIF File: Winter Caps Sale, Sustainable Washer, Operation Lion

Autumn Sale Now On
selected winter cycling caps!

It's Friday and that means TGIF!

We're finally relaxing after a busy week...

Our first production of our Winter cycling caps are done. We just have to take pictures. To put us in the Winter cycling cap mood, I know it's Summer, we like to introduce our ... Autumn Sale!

This sale is on four selected popular winter caps from our last year's models. The winter caps selected are: The Badger, Galiber, L'enfer du Nord and Lombardia. Selected sizing only, on our website until quantities last.

Just want to say THANKS! to all of our customers for making our Free Shipping Sale a success.

Not only we've finished with our first Winter cycling cap production, we also shipped the Operation Lion custom caps to Autodrop Ltd. in North Carolina. In fact, it has arrived in the destination and will soon be delivered. We're excited!

We love this nifty and low-cost washer by GiraDora...
one thing, when is it available here?

One item of interest, for us that is, in the sustainability market is the very cool pedal-powered GiraDora Washer. Efficient by saving time and energy, it does not use electricity! A practical and affordable way to reduce the effort of handwashing. One sits comfortably on top and uses the built in pedal. From the website only available in Lima, Peru. And at only $40 USD, where can I buy one?

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