Sunday, 2 September 2012

Recycled Rubber Labels

In the past, we tried many labels on our products.

It made sense to have something handmade.

My first thought, "How can I make my own labels in house?"

I experimented with many techniques and never happy with the results. I went online and came across custom made rubber labels. It was embossed rubber labels. It was extremely costly rubber labels. So, with all the recycled rubber I have ...what can I do with it?

In the last year, we've made all of our own labels using recycled rubber inner tubes. We heat press our logo on the rubber and sew the label onto each product.

Often, our customers don't realize we use recycled rubber inner tubes for our labels. It's obvious when our labels are on our rubber products, it's not so obvious when it's on our cycling caps.

Our customers are pleasantly surprised!


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