Friday, 24 August 2012

TGIF File: Operation Lion, Julia, Joey & New KOMs!

We have the perfect ribbon for Operation Lion.

This is going to be a new and regular feature every Friday called TGIF File (Thank God It's Friday File).

It's so busy around the Red Dots Cycling headquarters we sometimes lose track. We work seven days a week and this is a good way to keep sense as to what's happened during our busy week.

We've partnered up with cycling events organization, Autodrop Ltd. and there's been a lot of ROARING in the studio. Working together as a two-person operation, Carolle and I have delayed our winter cap production (for the time being) and started our custom cap order. In fact, we just returned from our supplier and found, to much happiness, the perfect ribbon for Operation Lion!

And, Operation Lion has a special fabric coming from Florida. There was a delay in shipping and I discovered that it was here, all along, sitting on a shelf in Burnaby. The lion was quietly waiting for me to pick it up. So all's good we have the lion fabric, and Carolle is cutting it right now.

After a few days without dessert, Carolle surprised me baking a yummy date square. We've been so busy around here that there was no time to bake. Welcome back dessert!

A must see...
only on a full stomach!

One of Carolle's oldest friends, Joey has decided to tie the knot and we're both looking forward to attending the wedding this evening.

Carolle and I finally got around to watching the movie, Julie & Julia. About, of course, food by Julie blogging about creating fantastic recipes by the well-known Julia Child. Carolle is so inspired, I'm thank full, that she received a library copy of the book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The movie was fabulously funny and left me hungry. Warning: watch this film with a full stomach.

You may have notice I haven't posted a new maillot pois rouges picture. I cannot find any new images of polka dot jersey riders. So, I'm going to include all jersey holders with dots! Here's the first, Tom Danielson KOMs in this year's USA Pro Challenge...

... and TGIF!

Red with white dots...
Tom Danielson KOMs, during 
the 2012 USA Pro Challenge.

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