Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunny Day with New Products for the MECBikefest

Bird standing guard over the MECBikefest.
Photos: Richard

The weather for Saturday's MECBikefest called for thundershowers...

Remembering last years show, I told Carolle to bundle up (with peacoat/blundstones) to get ready for a rainy day. I had on my winter hoodie and vest avec blunnies. Thankfully, it never happened, no rain but welcoming sunny skies and warm temperatures. Of course, I overdressed and curse not wearing my 3/4 shorts.

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Perhaps, that's why we notice a lack of folks attending the event compare to last year.

The excitement of starting our first show of the season snapped us into frenzy mode as we eagerly set up our table with new products. Now, I can finally mention our new rubber inner tube products; the reversible belt, lite rider id wallet, telefono wallet & multi-use rubber key chain. As of now, they are only available during the craft shows, but, we plan to sell them online very soon.

Huge Thanks go the MECBikefest crew for putting on a good show and to the sponsors for providing bananas and chocolate!

Look rain but new products!

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