Friday, 15 June 2012

Espress O & Classic Racer Cycling Caps: Now in Two Sizes!

Espress O and riding goes so well together!
 All pics: © Red Dots Cycling

We've been busy like beavers bringing back three very popular cycling caps.

There's only a week left before our first show of the season, the MEC BikeFest June 23rd, and we're topping off our cycling cap stock.

What is old ... is new again!

Re-introducing: Espress O (with a hint of Orange) and Classic Racer cycling caps, because our customers wanted two different size choice! Both handmade caps now available in two sizes... Small/Medium (21" - 22 1/2") & Medium/Large (22 1/2" - 24").

We hope to see you at the MEC BikeFest, where you can purchase these cool cycling caps or if you can't make it ...visit our shop!

Classy Classic Racer w/Stripe or...

...Classic Racer as is!

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